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The many palettes Reese has had.
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I mixed Louis' classic and newer design.
Character belongs to +Christmas Tea

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louis is ded here hav sum art
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Name)Cuppy Frost
Age) 20
Personality) Bubbly,always happy,energetic,friendly,hyperactive
Dislikes)Spicy food,storms,being bored,being inside,
Some more facts)
~She IS a cupcake
~sprinkles for freckles because why the f not
~height 265 cm
~sometimes talks to0 much
~cant fight for shit


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Makes her own tails but keeps them for decoration, as she doesn't trust the water.
No interest in the candy war as one of her friends is a candy (my starburst character, forgot her name rip)
persona, I'll keep her as a main I promise
I'll use her in a bit

Name: Alex
Age: 20
Interests: She has an extreme interest in mermaids and such. She owns a few tails and has a small cave where she retreats to if she wants to swim in private. Few know of this cave. She enjoys swimming, looking at mermaid tails, reading about them, stargazing, caves, and astrology.
Dislikes: Loud sounds, fireworks, snow
Crush: open
Extra info: From Thailand, she is fluent in Thai. Her English vocabulary is kinda high, but she prefers to speak her first language. She has a scar under her (right for her) left eye
Colors: Teal hoodie, jeggings, red hightops. She has a white or patterned shirt on under. Her eyes are dark brown and her hair is a platinum blonde with red streaks.
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Lady L... the leader of the normie/human army in the great candy vs normie war... Art by me
+rєєsє αndєrsσn
+Toxic Waste

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Name: Kait Cotton

Age: unsure, around 20 or so

Personality: very motherly, friendly, naive, showy, tease,

Likes: cinnamon rolls, hugs,cuddles, being there to help,giving momo advice,sour and sweet candies

Dislikes: water, Sea creatures, reptiles, buggos,

Story: i will update this later :,)

sorry this profile is shitty, ill keep updating it

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Shitty doodle of Human Arroyo

plus some things relative to his story with Alex
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