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Am I the only one who plays Zerg only because I like their design?

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not the best game. still stuck with infestor backdoor attack strat.

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Un nouvel épisode dedokkan battle


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Me after finishing Into the Void


StarCraft has been probably my favorite gaming franchise since I was introduced to it in the late 90's, early 2000's. It has an interesting setting, interesting plot, plenty of humor, and tons of memorable characters. But like all good stories, not everyone makes it out alive, and StarCraft is absolutely no exception. We've seen plenty of deaths in the story, some fitting, some shocking. And there are a lot of these characters I grew up seeing them go is a bit of a heartbreaker. I understand that the story would be very very different if many of these characters survived...but for the sake of argument, I'm gonna point out the Top 10 Characters in StarCraft that I wish were still alive. I don't think I need to say this, but this is LOADED with spoilers. You've been warned.

10. Daggoth
Daggoth was the right hand Cerebrate of the Overmind. Like the Matt Horner to Jim Raynor. He was wise, intelligent, and he practically walked you through the Zerg Campaign in the first game. Then once the Overmind is destroyed...he kinda fell off the map. Brood War came around, and Kerrigan had him destroyed. Why? She had shown no ill will toward him in the games before. That was Zasz. And he was already dead! I know that Kerrigan wanted the Swarm for herself, but can you imagine what it would have been like if Daggoth was her advisor? Oh my God Blizzard...opportunity wasted. I guess you can argue that he was the one behind the formation of the new Overmind, and Kerrigan didn't want to fall under that influence again, but I think she should have at least offered Daggoth a place among her ranks.

9. Aldaris
I gotta say that the death of Aldaris came as quite a shocking mission to me. And it's a damn shame because his intelligence was what pointed out the manipulation of the Dark Templar Matriarch Raszagal...which sealed his fate. Before he could get that chance, who should come around and kill him, but Kerrigan? Man, for a while, I really thought she was serious about wishing to make amends. I guess I was just too gullible back then.

8. Samir Duran
I didn't care too much for the UED characters. I don't think anyone can deny that Gerard DuGalle, and Alexei Stukov ( who should have just STAYED dead) have the same memorable potential as that of Mengsk or Raynor. But the UED did introduce us to a rather interesting character in Samir Duran, who was probably the most mysterious character to date in the StarCraft universe. After Brood War, I had no idea what to expect from him...then they dropped him. Don't bother bringing up he Narud character, who I know is the same being as Duran, and offed by Kerrigan, but look at Duran and Narud, and tell me you see the same character. Duran was clever, manipulative, mysterious...Narud? I didn't see Duran. I didn't really like the idea that he was a shapeshifter. Honestly, I think Blizzard just forgot about Duran, and then when they remembered they gave Emil this BS subplot, gave him the last name Duran spelled backwards, and expected us to buy it. Blizzard, I love you. But screw you for that.

7. Horace Warfield
When I first saw Warfield, I immediately l liked him. But like so many other characters on this list, his time of glory was far too short. I loved fighting to rescue his butt on Char with Raynor's Raiders, and restoring his faith perhaps a bit in Jimmy, but man...Kerrigan just had to go and kill him. Kerrigan...stop killing the guys I like.....oh who am I kidding? We're only at number seven. And we all know she's responsible for like....80% of the StarCraft deaths....crazy queen bitch.

6. Edmund Duke
General Duke was the first hero I was introduced to, and I immediately fell in love with his rough, tough, gruff, grumpy personality. Look at each and every StarCraft character. Not even my beloved Raynor is as tough as Duke. And...Kerrigan killed him to stifle Mengsk's military powers. A strategic move for the Swarm, no doubt as Duke was twice the general that Warfield ever was, but man, do I miss hearing that grumpy "WHAT?!"

5. Tassadar
Don't get the wrong idea. Tassadar's death at the end of the first game is not only very fitting and touching, it was probably the perfect way to end the first game. But honestly...I liked the Protoss because of Tassadar. With him gone now, it's almost like the glory of the Protoss is gone, or at least not the same. I like Artanis, I think he's a great younger warrior, and one of my favorite characters now, but Zeratul....honestly I kinda feel his likability has gone down. He's become almost the Gandalf character of StarCraft, and I'm not sure I like that. He doesn't have the same dominant personality as Tassadar, and there are times he just gets a little too depressing for me. Regardless...whenever I hear the phrase "En taro Tassadar", I can't help but say to myself, "Wish you were here."

4. The Overmind
Hear me out. As I said above, the ending of the first game was great. We had the sacrifice of Tassadar, and the death of the big bad Zerg Overmind. But...I can't help but wonder why? With the way the game has progressed and some of the twists it's introducing, I can't help but feel that Kerrigan as the head of the swarm, really isn't that interesting. The Overmind was intimidating, creepy, mysterious, dominating...forget Kerrigan, THE OVERMIND was the Swarm. Kerrigan, you owe everything to the Overmind, you're only second best to that beast. If the Overmind were still alive...oh my God, the Zerg would be unstoppable. Oh well...

3. Tychus Findlay
Why Blizzard? WHY did you kill off the biggest badass of the Terran? I liked everything about this man. I loved his back stories in the novels, I loved that rough voice, I loved his armor, I loved Tychus. He is the poster boy for Terran Marines. But man...they had to give us that ending in which he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. And Raynor kills him...which I guess is kinda symbolic for Raynor killing Mengsk, because Tychus basically had a gun to his head already with that armor...but man...I really wish they would have been able to perhaps neutralize the armor so that Mengsk wouldn't have been able to kill him. Because Tychus was...and forever will be, the most badass Terran out there.

2. Fenix
I hated this mission. Not only did I have to kill General Duke, the first StarCraft hero I was introduced to, but I'd have to kill Fenix too. And Fenix was like just about as awesome as Tassadar. It was this mission in Brood War that would make me absolutely despise Kerrigan for a while. I wanted Raynor to put that bullet in her brain, because his best buddy was gone for the SECOND time. And this time, he wasn't coming back. Man, do I miss some of the awesome dialogue between Raynor and Fenix. The game didn't perfectly portray the bond the two shared as friends, but when it did portray it, it hit home. So being forced to kill two of my favorite heroes in this one mission...was a real heartbreaker for me.

And the number one character I wish was still around is...

1. Arcturus Mengsk
Hear me out. I didn't like him. I wanted him to die....eventually. Keyword there. Honestly, I really wanted his character to make it through the third expansion of StarCraft II, interested as I am to see how they will conclude this trilogy, I'm nowhere near as interested as I once was. I really don't care about this Amon dude. I love StarCraft, but I feel like they're trying to force this due on us I ways that just isn't working for me. I don't know enough about him to care about killing him, and I'm not sure I wanna care. Mengsk was built up as this enemy you wanted to see dead in near perfect ways. He fed Kerrigan to the Zerg, he became as corrupt as the powers that were before him, he spread lies about Raynor, he used and manipulated so many people to his will, and not to mention used the Zerg to eradicate millions of innocents...Arcturus was a villain who had it coming for a while. Amon.....why should I care? He wants to bring about the end of the universe...been there done that. I feel like his little charade could have been taken care of in a better executed manner. Arcturus was a guy I wanted to see dead at the very end, because of all he'd done. And on a side note, I wanted Raynor to put him down personally, but at least he helped I guess. Now that he's dead with more story to come, I can't help but miss him. It's like all the motivation I had of going into StarCraft now has slowed. Don't get me wrong, I am anxious to see if Artanis can indeed reclaim Aiur, but...Amon is on the back burner for me. I didn't care for him then, and don't care for him really now, Arcturus was a jackass I wanted dead, but he died way too soon if you ask me.

Agree with my list? What are your thoughts? What's a character you wished was still alive?

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A few random cards I've made from the project I talked about a few days ago.
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is an army consisting of ultralisk and and mutalisk a good strategy?
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