In Bible ...
God promised Abraham the age of 75 ..a chld ...,
His wife sarah was 10 years younger to him ..,she was 65 ,
It was impossible ..for such female to bear a child ..,
But Abraham believed ....
Years passed ....
Abraham many times reminded God about his promise and Every time God said will have a child of your own ...,
Abraham always believed God ..and waited for that day ..
God was blessing him prosperity ..more and more additions to his possessions ..and Abraham used to think ..for whom this ..?
Abraham became 99 and one day God told him ..within a year you have child ...
Sarah heard this ..she laughed this possible ..I am 90 ...?
but God told sarah ..nothing is impossible to God ..God is almighty !
Abraham believed ..
And that day came ...
When sarah was pregnant ..
That day came ..when she bore a child....
that day came ..son was borned to her ..
That day came ..
Abraham waited waited for that day in faith came after 25 years .....
God is great ..almighty ..and loving ..

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The day ...A Lady wait for ...
The day ..when child borne ,
and also a Mother ...
The greatest status on this earth ..
Not only Milk ...but Love also flow from her breast and heart ...a example of Love ..

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The day we know God ..the Day we come to him ...The day we are told about God ...
Believe. ..whether you are aware or not life is changed ...

In Bible there are many stories where the day came ...the life changed or took U turn by Grace of God .
Like ,Joseph was in prison ..for many years ,having least hope that he will be free one day .
But the day came ...and Joseph was free...not only free .. but he was made Prime Minister of the kingdom .
What the day it was ..when every worry was removed ...every pain gone ....and dream realised .
Things like that happen everyday in somebody's life ...after long suffering and pain ..struggle ..suddenly a day come when he is released with full joy and freedom ...
Such stories whether from books or actual could encourage many people who are suffering since long .
I invite everyone to share such stories enlighten someone pain and distress.
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