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Friday February 3, at 1700 UTC, Vance Stevens and Jeff Kuhn,
Co-moderators of EVO Minecraft MOOC, present EVO Minecraft MOOC: Third time around overview, #learning2gether episode 360

#EVOMC17 is now in its third iteration of seeking to introduce teachers to Big G Gamification by experiencing the concept through interaction with teaching peers in the “little g” game of #Minecraft. The presentation explains how the community has sustained itself for three years as a space where experienced players and noobs alike can contribute to each other’s appreciation of Minecraft as a “toy” for enabling learning over a wide range of concepts.

This presentation will focus on the evolution of the #EVOsessions Minecraft MOOC community from 2015 through the present, how it has indeed become a community, who it has attracted from other networks, and the interesting move from starting in creative and then morphing to survival (2015 and 2016, to the running of two parallel worlds as we do today (2017).

In WizIQ, here


Stream, to be announced, see for more information

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Sorry we planned this too late to give advanced notice but you can view the YouTube recording of the #learning2gether episode 359 #evosessions Electronic Village Online #evomc17 server party streamed from #Minecraft Jan 26, with tours conducted by David Dodgson, David Plumel, Dakota Redstone, and Rose Bard talking and playing EVO Minecraft MOOC, direct link at

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Today, Sat Jan 21, at 1500 UTC #Learning2gether episode 358 will attempt a special treat, streaming from Minecraft using Discord for voice.

This is planned as an EVO Minecraft MOOC Server Party and Tour. If you're a member of #evomc17 and whitelisted on our server, you can join us in-world. But anyone can watch us on YouTube, at, and you can interact with us in our text chat space at

Tour guides who have indicated they'd be there include Rose Bard, Linda Gielen, Maha Abdelmoneim, Jane Chien, and Vance Stevens. All are welcome to participate however they can, and assuming all works well, a recording should be available at the YouTube link.

For more information visit or

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#Learning2gether Episode 357 takes place shortly at 1400 UTC on Sunday, January 15

Vance Stevens was invited to give a talk for the EVO Session #TechnoCLIL on the congruence of that session with EVO Minecraft MOOC, #evomc17, which Vance is co-moderating for the 3rd year in a row. After looking at some of the assumptions of CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning, Vance shows how three of these, language competence, learning curricular subjects in a foreign language, and combining teaching strategies and technical tools, are supported in Minecraft.

Vance will try and stream this event on YouTube, which will also make a recording, here

or you can try and join live at

More information at

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Mobile immersive learning: a dominating trend in the education app industry

The technology is changing the education landscape where the mobile apps for education industry will replace the traditional teaching methods. The current global education market size is of around $5 billion and is expected to grow by 35% by the end of 2020.

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Electronic Village Online, #EVOsessions , kicks off again for 2017 tomorrow Jan 7 at 1400 UTC, with Vance streaming the online kickoff webinar as #Learning2gether episode 356 in Bb Collaborate,

Registration for all EVO sessions is now open at,
and the sessions themselves start Sunday Jan 8. All are welcome to register in these free sessions, and to join to kickoff event online Jan 7

Or if you prefer, watch the event live streamed on YouTube here:
and chat with participants in real time at

You can find more information as well as embeds of the stream and chatwing text chat spaces at

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#learning2gether has been on holiday this past few weeks but on Friday Dec 23 +Ayat Tawel and +Hanaa Khamis pick up the torch to present Episode 355 with essential information on how to connect with Electronic Village Online, #EVOsessions, webcast from the #NileTESOL LTSIG in Cairo. The event takes place in Bb Collaborate,, and you'll find more information at All are welcome.

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Sorry for the late notice but today, Sun Dec 4 at 1400 UTC +David Winet joins #Learning2gether episode 354 to explain and discuss with us his latest publication in the On the Internet column of #TESL-EJ on using Mobile Instant Messaging in the ESL Writing Class

Where: Hangout on Air (direct link URL to be posted in the usual places)
YouTube/Live watch page:

Stream and recording:

Meet for live text chat and coordinate any last minute change of venue at

And for more information and embeds of the YouTube and Chatwing web spaces, please visit

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Join the conversation on twitter by using #oeb16  or send your questions to @VConnecting 

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#Learning2gether episode 353 will take place tomorrow Mon Nov 28 at 1400 as a part of Moodle MOOC 9 #MM9. It will be a panel discussion on badges with Nives Torresi, Tom Hodgers, Nellie Deutsch, and myself. The panel will discuss options for creating badges, what the criteria should be, and how they should be displayed in order to convey credibility and merit.

Where? WiZiQ

This presentation is a part of Moodle Moot 9

Time 1400 UTC
Time where you are:

For any last minute information see

I am on holiday for all of December, returning after New Years 2017. As I am not sure where I will be during this period I have scheduled no Learning2gether events for this month. I'll let you know when they resume.
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