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Bluestar - Viva La Vida
Fire X Sand - Check Yes Juliet
Gray X Silver - Check Yes Juliet
Snow X Thistle - Bad Romance

I made another OC!
Name Ivywish
Age 12 moons old
Pelt Silver with gray stripes and white paws and chest
Rank Warrior
Clan ShadowClan

My gawd im so srry lol

Name: Nutpaw
Age: only just 6 moons
Clan: Riverclan
Mentor: Snowpelt
Graystripe and Silverstream's nephew
Nut brown tom with a white tail and dark brown eyes

open riverclan rp!

Any questions?

I'm finally going to own up and draw myself seeing as I haven't posted in forever

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Open RP!!!

Battle nightclan vs skyclan
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