Wow it's been a while since I wore may Glass, so yesterday I put them on the charger and to my surprise after 1 hour of charging, there are not turning on. The charging light comes on for 3 seconds when I connect them. I decided to leave them on the charger overnight to no avail. Hard reset is not helping either. Can anyone help.

I chose to start a new blog and focus on project glass since I was an #ifihadglass winner.

If you would like to help please start a private post with me or comment below and we will be in touch.

Can some say when and where will google glass ne aviabile for public .and what will ne The price?

#ifihadglass  I'd wear it to work/game. I run a gaming site and often trying to find time to review AND contact game companies AND interact with co-workers/employees all at the same time can be difficult. I'm a multitasker, I think this would take my multitasking to the next level. I think with Google glass, I could rule the gaming world.

If I had these glasses, I would certainly be, without a doubt, the coolest person in town!

#ifihadglass, i would certainly, without a doubt, be the coolest person in town.

Ciao, voglio anche io avere un Google Glass. Ma costa adesso US1500,00. Troppo. Per favore Google, meno ...

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Nessuno ha detto nulla su Google Project Glass?? Ok, posto io un link ad un video ;)
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