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Weight Loss Series - Set Your Goal

Having a specific goal makes it easier. You know what you want and how much to lose. It helps if we formulate them the following way. Make your goals positive, personal, measurable and possible. You can lose weight. Stay motivated. Motivation is what keeps us going.

I weigh 135 pounds.
I am under 200 pounds.
I wear a size 8 dress.
I have a 32" waist.

Set your goal to lose 5-10 pounds or whatever you want. If you weigh 200 pounds and want to weigh 135, set your goal to maybe 195 or 190. Then totally focus on this goal. Do all your mental exercises using this goal. If you focus on 135 it may be to far away and seem to hard for you. Once you reach your 195 goal then set it to 190 and work on this one. This method also means you will have feelings of success as you lose.

Write down your overall goal and the benefits of losing weight and the costs of staying overweight. Perhaps one benefit will come up that will inspire you. Next go into peace self hypnosis or listen to one of my audio tracks on my blog

Go into peace self hypnosis.
Sit or lie down in a quiet area. Say
My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace.
My chest and stomach are at peace.
My back and heart are at peace.
I am at peace.
Let feelings of peace come over you.
See feel yourself losing weight.
See feel yourself on the scale weighing your goal.

Now determine your next smaller goal (195). From now on focus on this goal.

Daydream about losing weight while standing in line, walking to your car, laying in bed, before eating etc. Anytime Anywhere. See feel yourself on a scale and it reads your goal weight. The more you dream about it the more your motivation will grow stronger. Continue listening to the audio tracks.

To see the complete Weight Loss Series with audio tracks go to my blog:

Garry Waligore Hypnotist

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