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20GER 307 weeks at ATP #1

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Dear friend, a few days ago I published a new Playlist dedicated to the immense Roger Federer.
🏆 This my new Playlist is an affectionate response to the latest achievements by Roger Federer at the beginning of 2018 (winning his 20th Grand Slam Title and returning at ATP # 1 after more than 5 years) and wants to be a 'Special Tribute' to the immense, unique wonderful, exciting Swiss champion, which over the years has become a true living legend of professional men's world tennis.
Let's remember what the great late David Foster Wallace wrote: to see Roger Federer's movements, his rallies and even a single shot is like listening to Mozart and Metallica at the same time, and the “harmony is exquisite”!

In this video's series are presented some of Roger Federer's amazing countless tennis records.
🏆 Federer is Great, Wonderful, Unique. What a Champion! He is true poetry for our eyes and for our hearts 🏆
If you want, you can see my other Playlists dedicated to Federer on my YouTube Channel here:
Great Tribute to Roger … must share!
Thanks & ‘Ciao’ from Italy, bro!

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🏆 97 20GER #1 ➖ ROGER FEDERER LEGEND: 97 ATP Titles ‘All Over The World’ ➖ March 11, 2018 🏆
🏆 After the last amazing results obtained by the immense Roger, my friend Gianni Fiorentini and I decided to publish a series of videos dedicated to the great Champion.
This is our second video, after a ‘Special Tribute’ dedicated to the great Champion, that you can see here:
In February 2018 Federer won his 97th ATP title, approaching the record holder Connors, who won 109 Tournaments, even if among these there are tournaments of little importance, with few participants.
In this regard, we have prepared a geographic and temporal animation that shows (in 2D and 3D) the geographical distribution of the 97 titles won by Federer, first at the level of the entire terrestrial globe, then for Europe alone, for North America and finally for Asia and Australia.
We have also prepared an animation showing the distribution of Federer's victories among the various surfaces of the playing fields.

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➽➽➽ 20GER #1 100%
🎾 ATP Rankings History & the ‘Dominance Index’ ➖ ‘Update 10.0’ ➖ Feb. 25, 2018 🎾
🎾 Federer wins Rotterdam 500 (his 97th ATP Title!) and returns for the fourth time #1 ATP.
Federer also establishes some new impressive records in the history of tennis (see the video).
Now Roger Federer has also set a new record in the 'Dominance Index' Ranking, reaching the Maximum possible score = 100%!!!
➽ The 'Dominance Index' Playlist:

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🎾 4 minutes of strength, greatness, and beauty!
Roger the King
Roger the G.O.A.T.
Roger # 20 (for the moment ...)
Ciao, dear friends! 🎾

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