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Today I noticed that even it is sold as the almighty imperial flag ship, W10 not only lacks any other filesystem as its older three sibilings, but... it also ships without a native ssh client!
I mean, come on, this is 2017... We are about to lose access to the loopback, but native ssh in windows is a no no.
¿What do you think about this?

Weird times indeed. We are not getting ext3/4 support as IFS in windows but a bash shell; which is good, since I am not going to learn PowerShell anytime soon.

The good thing is that since the Raspberry Pi invention, making a cheap storage is getting cheaper. Lots of roadblocks there too, since etherner is no gigabit, but we can now keep those pictures and mp3 files stored in a low power network device.

Keep dreaming, people!

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Holy crap. We are 24... well, 23 now that kicked out that spamming synthetic. So.... Should we go party? :)
Should I update the title to EXT4?
So many questions, so little answers.

So far, there are  many alternatives to access ext3 disks on windows now... and none of them provide nowhere near performance to mature in kernel ifs driver. Maybe
is the best place to start.

Also, forget about LVM or VXVM volumes.

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