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The newest sounds from my project Freestride.

Please enjoy :) <3

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Here is the latest song from my EDM project Freestride.

Much love and In Joy <3 :)

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This event will be one hour of KALASK (Reptilian) and one hour of Metax (Feline), answering both verbal as well as written questions from the chat.
I am planning to bring in KALASK and Metax for about two hours if enough people are interested.

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If you like video games, boss battle music and high vibes of self discovery, come on over and check out Freestride music :) Theres also a cheeky free download for you all :)

Thanks and much love.

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Deep Sleep Music - Sleep Music Delta Waves - Relaxing Music

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Hi,I had another amazing,surreal,astral travel this morning,but can't film what I see and hear!Hope you can see some of my 273 vid's.,some multiple,of alien craft on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,scroll to url,since most censored!I have lot's more film!Robert Newton.Britain.
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Greetings everyone and all, have been busy with writings, musics and much more. Keep your senses open for releases and posts soon.
Much Love.

Luv this dear Empaku! Tides of Gratitude...~Peace~Light~Harmony~

The Universal Dream written by Empaku Daniels
For the ongoing series please visit: or

Welcome and thank you dear one, for youre focus during this moment.

To get things started we must return back to the moments leading up to the creation of the universe. 

Chapter 1:
Things in the void realm had started to get tedious for some of its occupants. Perhaps it was over crowded in the streets, inflated prices and unsatisfactory products lined their stores? Was it due to the lack of parking anywhere near the town and city centres? Either way they wanted out and were starting to feel unsure if they were to ever succeed in their task.

“So what’s the plan then?” someone asked as a slightly shivelled bass sound swam about the floor of the room. “The nature of this meeting is what some would deem out of the ordinary,“ replied a delicate squeek that seemed to hold some kind of authority within the group.
“We have located a Stone that is said to. “A Stone Pwahaha! You gathered us ‘ere to talks ‘bout a Stone.” A loud sound distinctively similar to a trumpet without the bugle part attached, got thrown across the room from the corner next to an opened metal can whose contents gave the impression that they may have held enough sugar to power a two man scout ship to an ansteroid and return with fuel to spare. “The Stone holds significant energy from collection of moments long since passed” sounded the squeek. Starting to regain composure the trumpet sound sniggered “Okay, so it’s a really old magic Stone. Then with bewilderment asked, “What has the Stone got to do with our situation?” A moment of pause was created within the room though short as it was cut by the squeek “beautiful, silent, calm. Now what was the question?” “THE STONE!” the room was engulfed in Wall of noise, “QUIET!” yelled the squeek, “The Stone is a fragment of another world that collided with ours before our ancestors started to grow in numbers across the stars.”

The Stone that the squeek held in its hand had little knocks and chips across its faces though its mystery came when looking at the object. On one of its edges you could very clearly see that it is a Stone that you are looking at. Though on its opposing edge you see through it as if it was elsewhere. “it is said to have many uses, its main attraction to our situation however is its interesting ability to send and recieve communication between our world and the one that gave us a bump in ancient times” the Sound that appeared as these words were spoken was barely noticeable even to those in the room, though this helped to soften the level and also meant that anyone outside of the room wouldnt be troubled with the topic of conversation. The creatures who live in the void realm have started to get sensitive about subjects that they do not personally enjoy and have a tendancy to overreact at one of the least offensive words, meaning they have already been offended another countless number of times before youve gotten to the point. This has meant that those who speak are wary of the volume and the topic when in public spaces.

“Why would we wanna do that, speak with the world that hit ours?” the shrivelled bass emerged again with a nervous catch in its throat. “What if it collides with us again? “Well we cannot truely know what the Stone does and what its capable of for certain unless we try it, as the only mentions of the collision are transcribed from survivors notes and placed into museums and carvings in Stone caves now underground covered up by the festering wastelands known as Cities. These intricate series of tunnels created labyrinths that ran all places, now unused and mostly abandoned the cities have started to fill them in with liquid stone and sand. Rendering large áreas of the tunnel network blocked off. Now only those who know of the network seek out the surface holes, where as most who gaze at the pitch dark chasm flee rather than explore its depths. “Superstitions whats done that, Them fancies who run the cities made up a big pile of muck about there being monsters and demons down there, stuck it together with shiny paper, tied a bow on it and then gotten you to ask for it.” Ranted the trumpet without the bugle. “That may be true, though with the majority unknowing of the network it gives the few.” “Like us?” shrivelled the bass as it formed dense fog around the feet of the room. “Yes, exactly like us,” the quiet whisper floated by all the rooms ears.”This means we can go about our business undisturbed” again the whisper dispersed throughout the room and evaporated into the roof. 

“Arrrhh, really hate when it does that” murmered the trumpet, as the room started to regain momentum and started to shuffle towards the door, “It would seem that our meeting today has come to a decisión then”, Spoke the squeek maintaining the focus of the assembly, “We shall talk with the Stone and use the network to our disposal, all who agree speak up” the collection of voices grew to a rapid crescendo and ceased, “very well, now all who do not agree speak up”. Silence was allowed to settle before the squeek spoke four last words, “Off you go then”.  The squeek then decided that much was needing to be planned, with this feeling it spend most of the evening reading maps, gathering the tools and preparing for the long nights to come. 

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