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Hey y'all. I got the starting of a new project up. I don't have any idea how this will turn out, just flying by the seat of my britches. Check it out when time allows and I am up for ideas. thanks. patty

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Another shot of the same home-made journal, inspired by @alibrownie. The cover is a file folder cut to B6 size (5" x 7"). Signatures are a combo of Canson 98 lb mixed media paper and Daler Rowney 90 lb WC paper.

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A background to fit today's weather! This is my brain dump journal, where I randomly write in the evenings.

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From yesterday's KIL. Completed.

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just wanted to share with you guys...I am up to my elbows in gesso but this is so much fun getting ready for the classes. I kinda wish a few of you were closer to help ain't easy trying to explain to the guys why it is so important to get the pages glued all the way to the edges or why I am gessoing the pages BEFORE the class.

Anyway, only 24 more to off I go. LOL

thanks for all the support thus far, I am fueled by you and your shares!!!!
Well my friends, here's a bit of the back stage pass to see what it looks like when I prepare for a class.
This weekend marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Kraaft Shaak on the GO! adventure.
We will be teaching
*Gelli plating
*Mixed media canvas
*Art journaling
At Hobby Lobby stores in Montana and Idaho.

Each weekend we will get messy LIVE and I sure hope you can find time to join us!

Here I am preparing art journals for the kits. One per student. They will get their own journal and all the trimmings to fill the pages.
I provide ALL supplies and whole lotta fun for every class.

Registration is open now and will be coming to a city near you soon.
#artjournal #mixedmedia #artclasses
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Tried getting into the Video Treasure Chest to watch the show's I missed but it won't let me in :(

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OH! That was intensely FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you everyone for showing up to the live show and for your questions this month.
YOU make everyday worth the fun!!!!

I'm calling it SUNSET CLIFFS!
Thanks +Rose McGuinn for asking us to experiment with paint...that tooks us to NEW HEIGHTS and you surely can see what experimenting can do! THANK YOU!!!!
#ArtJournal #PinkandPurple

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From today's KIL!

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My wonderfully amazing kommunity....I have neglected you!!
I am so sorry. Over the next few days I will commit to posting more here and hopefully win back your love and affections.

Let's start with pictures from today's Kraaft It LIVE! Episode....
(If you missed it, it is now on YouTube)

I have even included the picture of my pillow that inspired it all.
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Yesterday was a great show!
Thanks to all who came out and joined us live or for the recording too - you all really know how to make a girl feel loved!!

Here is the replay if you missed it:

and during the show we talked about +Sylvia Tabor K.I.S.S videos too - so here is a playlist I made of these awesome vids (maybe we can convince her to do more???)
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