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*NEW FORM for people asking to join our Kraafters Kommunity!*

Hello Kraafters, this post is mostly for anyone who is wanting to join our group...we have been experiencing a ridiculous amount of spam and requests to join from majorly BAD accounts. Requests are in the THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to +Sylvia Tabor for all her hard work in keeping our kraafty environment safe from harm!

We have taken the lead of a fellow community owner, +Andrew Hatchett and decided to require that a form is filled out in order to join.

This will help us determine who is actually interested in sharing and connecting with other kraafty folks versus trying to expose us to spam or other junk we don't need in here.

*IF YOU ARE NOT YET A MEMBER AND WANT TO BE* you must fill out the form in order to be approved. NO ONE WILL BE APPROVED FOR MEMBERSHIP if they do NOT fill out this form.
Thanks all for your patience in this and please let Sylvia know how much you appreciate her guardianship!!!

If you are currently an approved member of the Kraafters Kommunity, you do not need to fill out the form.

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a quick update was posted to the Patreon feed - I thought you might be interested in seeing this too.

Today will be fun for sure!
See you at Kraaft It lIVE!
NOON Mountain Time
(2 pm Eastern)

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been preparing for a local vendor event. Now that that’s done, it’s back to business. I found this oooo so cute project at Scrimpingmommy, Amanda Charlesworth, a demonstrator in the U.K. She calls this a…

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A 'tag from the desk' Spring altered tag made from scraps on my desk :)
video here -

Does anyone here have the Derwent Inktense Pencils? (not blocks, pencils) What's your thoughts on them? I know they're permanent which is great. I'm not a watercolor master. I'm completely new to watercolor and I think they'd be great for a beginner. I've been eyeing those up for months and I might splurge...yiiiiikes! Anyone have any input? 

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Another face in my junk journal. Making slow progress.

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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, and I hope you all are well! I tought I'd share the card I made for my Dad's 78th birthday, today!

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I tested the Finnabair clear crackle texture paste. I put it on thick but it wasn't thick enough so I tried again even thicker and it worked lovely. The jar is not going to last long having to put it on that thick though hahaha. 7'' by 5'' canvas board and Liquitex basic acrylics. #KS3Kolors

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#KS3color for March

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