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The Association Planete Positive was founded July 1, 2011, is a non-profit an artistic and cultural speciality, published in the Official Journal of the Tunisian Republic on 17 November 2011 Page No. 6604 2011200059APSF1
Corporate Headquarters 20 Rue Abdeljalil Raouane Tataouine
Address: PO Box 222 3200 Tataouine Tunisia Medina
Fax: 00216 75 867 332 Tel 00216 98 454 175 or 00216 97 387 705
Email Address:

o Develop the level of life of young children, especially someone with disabilities
o Development of the artistic and cultural tourism movement.
o Work to develop the value of environmental protection and nature
o Organization of training and education
o Barter and camping with national and international organizations

1. Create a space for communication and dialogue between young people from different cultures and physical and mental abilities - where they can speak freely, choose their friends, without constraint, relax and explore social relationships openly;
2. Promote cultural cohesion between young people from different cultures and different physical and mental capacities;
3. Organize international cooperation events in specific areas of activity;
4. Provide ways for youth to develop their individual freedom;
5. Festival of brotherhood and creativity
6. Organize activities to profits of children and young people to develop their skills in environmental education and communication arts field.

1. Art and Culture:
2. Communication and information: Workshops Courses, training, entertainment.
3. Tourism
4. Documentation
5. Environment
6. Camping, exit, Travel

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جمعية ذات صبغة فنية ثقافية
تاريخ التأسيس 01 جويلية 2011
ص. .ب. 222 تطاوين 3200 الجمهورية التونسية
المقر الاجتماعي: شارع البيئة طريق المهرجان تطاوين 3200
الهاتف: 9845475  973877508
البريد الالكتروني 
تأشيرة عدد  2011200059APSF1   صادرة في le 17/11/2011
معرف جبائي عـــ  NP1344668/Hـدد 

 التشجيع على الخلق و الإبداع الفني و الثقافي لدى الشباب
 دعم و تحسين القدرات اليدوية و الذهنية لدى الطفولة و الشباب و خاصة ذوي الاعاقة
 المساعدة على العناية ببعض اللاجئين
 العناية بالبيئة و المحيط
 تنظيم مهرجان الأخوة و الإبداع
 تنظيم دورات تكوينية و تربوية
 تبادل و مصائف مشتركة مع منظمات شبابية دولية
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