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+John Thelin sounds like you missed the national geographic riff they did a few months back.
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Also putting this here since I post them here too.
+David Hill suggested that I make a special circle for my #MST3KMonday  posts, and send an email notification when I do them.

MST3KMonday is something I post around Monday afternoon my time (Eastern US) where I post, well, an episode of MST3K with some background and trivia about the movie. It's just something I do to make the week's start a little better.

So, if you want to be part of this circle and get the email, either plus this or post in the comments.
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Count me in! I'll take a trip on that ship.
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Here we are, face to face, ready for another #MST3KMonday  . This week, we're travelling back to the year 1980 and to the country of Italy for the super-hero classic Puma Man!

Tony Farms is your average, every-day American living in London and working at the British Museum (or a British museum, anyway). The only odd thing about him is the strange headaches he gets when he senses danger, but since he doesn't think that's weird why should we? His life gets flipped and turned upside-down when an Aztec guy throws him out a third-story window. Tony's survival means that he is the chosen champion Puma Man, with all the powers of a puma (like flying, mind projection, and whining). Armed with a magic belt and some bell-bottom slacks, Tony must stop the evil Dr. Kobras (Donald Pleasence, of all people) from taking over the world with an ancient mask. Oh, and there's some blonde woman Kobras manipulates into manipulating Tony, but we can all guess how that ends.

Made to cash in on the popularity of the original Superman movie, Puma Man might be the most laughable superhero ever. It's not that his powers aren't defined very well (they're not), or that his sidekick Vadhino does more to stop the bad guy than Puma Man himself (he does), it's that Tony himself actively resists the "call to action". Not only does he throw an epic-level hissy fit when Kobras tries to control his mind, Tony's ultimate plan is to fake his death so Kobras will leave him alone. Yeah, that'll get you into the Justice League no problem.

Although Vidhino's not much better, when you think about it. His plan to find the Puma Man is to throw innocent men out fifth-story window, and if they die then they weren't the Puma Man. So he killed a half-dozen innocent people. That's not a hero, that's a serial killer.

Featuring flares, bald jokes, jingles, and falling at a 60 degree angle, put on your favorite plastic black-and-gold jumpsuit and enjoy Puma Man!

"Are pumas also known for their whining?"
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It's nice how they decorated the airport in a kind of "airplane" motif.

Also woo two year anniversary!
Welcome one and all to a very special #MST3KMonday  . What makes this week so special? The fact that this week marks the two-year anniverasy of me doing MST3KMonday!

I started this up back when I first started getting into G+ and people were declaring special days left and right. Out of the blue I decided to start posting MST3K episodes on Mondays, mainly because it's alliterative. Originally I just posts links to the episodes, and wasn't posting every week. After a while, I got on a better schedule and started to expand the posts, adding info on the movie itself, trivia, and a quote or two to make things a little more interesting. I hope the minutes of work I put into each post has entertained people, and made your Mondays a little more bearable.

And as is traditional, the anniversary episode is the very first one I posted: the 1970 TV movie/pilot San Francisco International!

San Francisco International was intended to be a full TV series, but it only lasted 7 episodes. It's about the work that goes on around the titular airport, and a valiant attempt to make that work remotely interesting. The movie is a cavalcade of 70's TV personalities; Pernell Roberts played airport manager Conrad (and was replaced by Lloyd Bridges in the actual series), and Clu Gulager was his chief of security. Together these two walk the excedingly brown corridors of SFI, and deal with such incredible threats to airport security such as tricking a bunch of congressmen into thinking they're going to die in a plane crash, and guy who gets punched by a hippie. Oh, there's also a whole thing about an incredibly convoluted plan to steal a crate full of money, but it's so buried and mixed up with the other half-dozen subplots you'd be hard pressed to care. Oh, and a 15-year-old kid somehow manages to get onto the tarmac and accidentally steal a small plane, so if you were going to try and steal something from an airport this one probably has the least effective security.

Really, the movie is an amazing window into 70's TV. It's clear they're really trying to set up characters, rivalries, and even a "recurring villain", but everything is so dully beige you can't even begin to care. One of my favorite things about this episode is how the bad guys had this ridiculous plan that involved disguises and kindnapping and parking in plain sight with a hostage when it's clear they probably could have just walked over and carried the crate away with nobody noticing.

If nothing else, you get to see Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank with their shirts off and bad fake tans. That's got to be worth something, right?

Featuring mushy nose wheels, messed-up kids, Tab Hunting, and dummy screws, please to enjoy San Francisco International! And thanks to all my followers and people who just silently enjoy MST3KMonday! Here's to another year of bad movies!

"Airport movies are like watering holes for B-Movie actors."
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Good episode, that I'd not seen before. Thank you!
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You'd think Satan would have blended the edges of his bald wig better...
#MST3KMonday  is upon us once again (only two weeks until the two-year anniversary!), and this week I'm picking the episode based solely on the fact that I watched it last night. This week's episode is the 1996 children's horror fantasy anthology Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders!

Actually a Frankenstein-ian complilation of three movies, the movie is supposed to be about the Merlin coming to present day, opening a magic shop, and returning wonder to the world. What it's actually about is Ernest Borgnine telling his nephew or grandson about a TV pitch he had, and that forms the framing device for the two stores. The first is about a jerkass who gets a book of magic spells from Merlin as proof that magic is real, and he winds up setting his cat on fire, mentally abusing his wife, and selling his soul to Satan (although that second one isn't because of the book). The second story is about a cursed monkey doll that brings death every time it clashes its cymbals and is totally ripped off from a Steven King story.

Astute viewers will notice that the monkey doll story seems a bit more in-depth and has a bit of a different look than the framing story or the first thing with the store reviewer. That's because it's actually footage from the director's first movie "The Devil's Gift", which he released ten years prior. In fact, in the original movie everyone dies at the end. Somehow the director deemed this an appropriate film to put into the whole Merlin thing, but it's baffling because even though it's presented as a kid's movie (sort of) it's pretty damn dark.

Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders also has the dubious honor of being the last episode of MST3K ever aired. It wasn't the final episode, of course, but it was the final repeat to be shown on SciFi before the plug was finally pulled once and for all. At least we still have RiffTrax!

Featuring the world's angriest psychic, japanimation, Rock-N-Roll Martians, and Bob Jackass, good luck getting to sleep after watching Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders!

"My reviews have destroyed whole cities!"
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"Rock and roll Martian . . . Rock and roll Martian . . ." 
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Great story

So I come back from lunch into my 4th period class, and something's on my desk. I unwrap it to find out that someone knows me very well, cause it was the MST3k 25th Anniversary Edition!!!! I still have no idea who gave it to me.
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That was the sound of the director giving up and leaving.
Today isn't just #MST3KMonday  , it's also Saint Dunstan's Day (he is the patron saint of blacksmiths)! That last one isn't relevant to this week's episode, I just wanted to point it out. What is relevant is this week's experiment...the 1996 monster movie Werewolf!

Things start out in the Mojave desert, where evil archaeologist Yuri digs up a skeleton of a guy with a wolf's head. Or, skull, I suppose. Either way, one of the workers scratches himself on the skeleton's fangs and starts acting weird. At the hospital, the worker starts turning into a werewolf. As you do. Meanwhile, writer Paul meets the buxom and inexplicably accented Natalie and the two fall in lust. Yuri is also after Natalie, so he comes up with the perfect plan to eliminate Paul from the romantic equation: turn a night watchman into a werewolf, then attack Paul with the werewolf skull. This starts a ridiculously slow transformation as Paul spends the rest of the movie trying to piece together why he's not remembering nights of a full moon and waking up with blood on his clothes.

The movie itself is fairly unremarkable apart from Natalie's accent and the odd mountain-man-ish best friend. What makes this episode fun are the host segments. Not only do we get a fun do-wop song, not only is there a fun song medly during the credits, we also get to see Mike turn into a Were-Crow. And Tom turning into a Were-Mike with his surprisingly good toupee.

Also, check the "high gas prices" of 1996: $1.34/gallon. Depressing, isn't it?

Featuring changing hairstyles, unfathomable accents, driving while lycothopizing, and Joe Estevez, turn off the soundtrack radio and enjoy Wharwelf!

"I see some very stupid children being born as a result of these two meeting."
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"We could use another pretty face around here."  "Another???"
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Zap Rowsdower + Jack Bauer = Zack Rowsbauer

#mst3k #jackbauer #rowsdower #mysterysciencetheater3000  
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Instead of "WHERE'S THE BOMB?!?", he'd yell, "WHERE'S THE BEER, EH?!?
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Coleman Francis solves the problem of sound sync.
It's a bittersweet #MST3KMonday  this week, as on this day in 1971 Tor Johnson passed away from heart failure at the age of 67. So this week, we'll look at what is probably his only starring role in MST3K canon: the 1961 Coleman Francis classic The Beast of Yucca Flats!

Tor is the beast in question, although he starts the movie as a Russian scientist defecting to America. That lasts for all of about 5 minutes as he's caught in a nuclear blast and turns into a mindless beast, sort of like the Hulk but without the focus. Tor wanders the bleak wastes of the desert until he finds a road being used by a family of four on their vacation. The kids wander off and escape Tor, and when their father is out looking for them somehow he gets mistaken for the monster.

Like the other Coleman Francis movies featured on MST3K, this one is bleak. The whole thing takes place in a desert or some kind of shrubland so there's nary a tree to be seen. What makes this movie stand out is that it was filmed without sound, so all the dialog is done as off-screen ADR. Which means that nobody speaks on camera. To help out with this, a narration was added. Except that the narration consists mostly of nonsensical phrases, so it's not much help.

It should be pointed out that, like all of the Coleman Francis troika, this film ends with people getting gunned down.

Also, that scene in the beginning where the woman gets strangled that wouldn't actually fit anywhere in the movie? That wasn't Tor doing it, and rumor has it that it was Coleman himself.

Featuring a flag on the moon, Tor's rump, guys getting gunned down but not actually hurt, and a hard face, please to enjoy The Beast of Yucca Flats!

"Tor Jonson as The Beast: that's just good casting."
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Fun fact:  The music for Progress Island, USA was also used for the PC game "Driver."   The song is by a guy named David Lindup, I think, and has a great '70s vibe.
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Selling for $78 (~ $2 per tape) or best offer.

Possible goldmine for #MST3K and #VHS collectors!
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+Bill Swingle I have a big drawer full of VHS Tapes.
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STL Show & Tell: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Shade #3DPrinting #3DThursday

These Mystery Science Theater shades were originally designed by Matthew Borgatti to be laser cut but were adapted by thingiverse user pschierstein to be 3d printed. Creator of MST3 Joel Hodgson thinks it’s cool and tweeted about it, so do we!

Read more
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OH! I want those shades!
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Sean Dunstan

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After this beer, we should have a beer together.
It's a little later than normal, but #MST3KMonday  always comes through in the clutch! This week, we're going to enjoy the 1984 Italian-French killer shark movie Devil Fish!

The devil fish (technically a giant octopus) itself lives off the coast of Florida, and totally not Italy. It takes out a few tourists before anyone gets around to looking into the problem, at which point the hunk-ish Peter is called in to slowly investigate. Peter and a few scientist buddies (slowly) learn that not only is the fish an escaped military experiment, it will apparently also regrow itself from pieces of itself. It's up to a rag-tag group of mediocre actors to make the coast safe for the Italian-French tourists in Florida?

Originally named "Shark: Rosso nell'oceano", Devil Fish is very clearly a cash-in movie trying to coast on the success of a more popular movie; in this case Jaws. Which is pretty strange, given the Jaws came out about about a decade prior. And it's not like they spent the time working on the effects. The giant tentacles don't even have puppeteers, they're just flopped over the actors.

That being said, I love everyone laughing for three minutes solid over the ending freeze-frame.

Featuring computer voices, rail thin-ness, beer, and very few shirts, please wait an hour after eating before watching Devil Fish!

"Just because you can edit doesn't mean you should."
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"Get the harness out!"
"Get the hardness out?" 
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Will you guys just listen to me? Your guns won't work.
Only one week until the two-year anniversary of #MST3KMonday  , so this week we're preparing with one of the more fun episodes; the 1958 Japanese action show turned movie Prince of Space!

Originally called "Planet Prince", this is the tale of an alien invasion force from the planet Krankor and its chicken-like inhabitants. They've traveled across the galaxy to steal the revolutionary fuel formula of Professor Maklin, and the only one who can stop them is a professional bootblacker (which is like shoeshining? I guess?) who takes care of two orphans, who happen to be best friends with the professor's kid. Anyway, aliens attack, and the mysterious Prince of Space always arrives to stop them.

As simple as it sounds, there's a odd amount of stuff going on here. The Phantom of Krankor is a remarkably incompetent bad guy despite the fact that Prince declares and demonstrates that their weapons are useless against him multiple times. Interestingly, in the original show Prince pointed out that their weapons were useless because he could dodge them, and because this is a few stitched-together episodes of a kids' TV show he had to reiterate it every episode. But between the bad translation and the aforementioned stitching, Krankor just seems to have no long term memory.

Still, I love watching Prince lead all the clueless, helpless scientists around like little kids. If these guys are supposed to be the smartest men on earth, why can't they figure out they're in a locked room?

Featuring little shorts, dance belts, doll-tossing, and a trip into Mike's subconcious, please enjoy Prince of Space! I like it very much!

"Allow me to reference my earlier codicil on how your weapons against me are without merit! Ha ha!"
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"Thank goodness, for a minute there I thought this war was going to affect me personally..."
I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend out there, and for this week's #MST3KMonday  we're going to look at a hardcore patriotic film that might just be the prototype for Red Dawn: the 1952 war movie Invasion U.S.A!

The movie starts in a bar in New York, where a surprisingly diverse assemblage of Typical Americans (you know,the industrialist, the broadcaster, the socialite, the rancher, the "forecaster"...) are having drinks. The patrons all talk about how bad the international scene and want the government to do something about it, but at the same time don't want to pay taxes or support the gummit with their respective industries. Then out of nowhere The Enemy invades Alaska and uses that to invade Washington and Oregon, somehow skipping right past Canada. The bar patrons try to get back to their normal lives despite the invasion, and one by one they either see the errors of their ways in refusing to help the war effort, and/or are killed in ways that being pro-war wouldn't have prevented. There's no way for America to fight back? OR IS THERE? (spoiler: doesn't matter, it was all a dream)

One of the really weird things about this episode is that "The Enemy" is never named. I mean, obviously it's Russia since it's the 50's, but why be so coy about it? It's also another of those movies where the main characters don't actually do anything. They mainly just react to the stuff going on, then get blown up. None of them have any effect on the overall story, and to be frank they barely appear in half the movie. The rest of the film is all stock WWII footage, a good chunk of which is actually of London pretending to be New York City.

This episode also has one of my favorite shorts, "A Date With Your Family", which was a guide on how to family in the 50's. Remember: no emotions, and grin all the time

Featuring unplaceable accents, stock footage, fast talking, and the world's unluckiest bartender, sit back with the largest brandy sifter you can find and enjoy Invasion U.S.A!

"So World War 3 will look like World War 2?"
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Lots of mst3k goodies for sale here -- art, stickers, shirts... you name it
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House Rowsdower - I Wonder If There's Beer On The Sun

Zap Rowsdower's Game of Thrones House Sigil

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RiffTrax Wants to Riff GODZILLA Live in Theaters Nationwide
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"Hey, look!  His helmet is ribbed for her pleasure!"

- - -Mike Nelson, MST3K, "Invasion USA" 
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+Patrick Turner I love this show, passionately, but there are one or two movies that are difficult for me to watch, too.  I know one such movie was "Kitten with a Whip." 
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