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Here is a website to facilitate gift sharing. It is free. Please spread the word for people to make use of the facility.

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A beautiful organic world

A range of illustrations for the emerging organic food market. Food swap and gift economy. <3
© GreenWonderlandCreatives
#illustrations #gifteconomy #sharingeconomy #organic #localisation #permaculture #food #health #humanhealth #environmentalhealth #sustainability #ecocentric

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Projections in the Forest
Via Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad

#ecopsychology   #humanpsyche   #earthpsyche  #ecologicalconsciousness   #nature   #forests  

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Help us build a social network for sharing of a new type based on the gift economy!

Donated. Work is a social network for sharing, offering and exchange of personal creativity, ideas, services and assistance.

Built on the principle of gift economy, this site aims at gathering together people willing to donate their time and expertise without necessarily seeking financial gain for their work.

Donated. Work users will be able to communicate, evaluate the work of others and publicly share feedback about them. Everybody can express his gratitude indirectly, by writing personally to the selected/chosen user or share publicly in his profile their opinion and assessment, and will also have the option even directly to express their gratitude by making a financial donation to a user or pay off with a service or product negotiable.

This social network will be for all who wish to share their work and ideas with the world - writers, artists, photographers and all creative individuals who would like to be noticed and appreciated, to be useful to others and to the world.
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