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Name: Alexis Kellemeyer/ Catgirl

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Occupation: Villain

Powers: Can transform/morph into any cat-like creature, Enhanced strength, speed and agility.

Weaknesses: Electricity.

Species: Human/Cat. Human (Former).

Bio: Captured by Minyak, he pulled off multiple of experiments, he inject the DNA of thousands of cat species followed by mind-control. And months later, she was sent to the streets to cause as much mayhem to keep captain man busy.

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Name- Artemis Black

Age- 16

Gender- female

Appearance- bellow

Hero name- Moon Shadow

Hero appearance- black and dark purple hooded cloak, black mask, black shirt, black legains, black boots

Likes- magic, reading, gaming, music, song writing, writing stories, art, computers

Dislikes- bullies, haters, being annoyed

Personality- kind, smart, stubborn, caring, quick, shy, sly, sneaky, hard headed, protective

Crush- open

Hero/Citizen/Villan- hero

Weakness- one close being hurt, her kindness, her past being brought up

Strength- leadership, loyalty, skills

Skills- skating, parkour, martial arts

Powers- dark magic

Parents- unknown

Siblings- older brother named Justice Black

Friends- Justice (open)

Bio- never knowing her parents, her and her older brother grew up alone but watching out for one another. He kept her safe from anyone finding out her powers. While he could control his. She soon took on the name of Moon Shadow.
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Carly Kalani Hart

Carl, C$, C.H

[Hero Name]



[Hero or Citizen]

Technology, Fighting, Dark Magic, Her Family, Her Friends, Music, Acting.

Dimwits, Scaredy cats, Bullies, Villains, Bright lights, Bugs.

Carly is fun and sarcastic. Most times, she is Feisty, smart. She can be serious and crazy. In hero mode she is a strong and talented Gymnast, she also makes a natural born leader. She is a daredevil. Although, she isn’t quick to trust and has an ill-temper.

Golden Blonde
Long, Pigtails mostly
Natural Tan
Blueish Grey
Facial Features
Strong Jaw, Full lips, Big eyes
Anything trending. From leather jackets to cute dresses.
{Hero outfit}
Black tights
Combat boots
Sparkly purple tanktop
Black leather jacket
Fingerless leather gloves
Black purple and silver mask(Glittery)

She is real loyal. She’d do anything to keep her friends and family safe. Even if it costs her own life.
She freezes up when people taunt her powers. Especially when it is her partner's, Captain Man and Kid Danger.

She is good at making quick and smart decisions. She is a very skilled gymnast. At the same time, she is talented in controlling her powers.
Dark Magic

She says “Dark Elite Transform!”

Siren Hart
Jake Hart
Henry Hart (14)
Piper Hart (9)

Charlotte, Henry, Bianca. TBA


Carly was kidnapped when she was 8 years old. She was taken somewhere and used almost as a testing tool. When she was born she had no super powers. After the incident somehow magic DNA got into her body. Now, she possess the powers to control darkness. Although many heroes would taunt her for having dark powers...which was the force they fought against, Carly used her powers for good. She was sent to an old woman, Hagatha and wiped of all her memories. Hagatha helped her maintain her magic and become more familiar with it. Sometimes, Carly has attacks where she loses her powers and it creates anxiety, panic and nausea. It only lasts about a day or two. After escaping the old woman, Hagatha made her way into the city and ended up passing out on the floor by some building. Kid Danger and Captain Man found her on the floor and took her to the hospital. They remained with her until the night. Those were one of those days when Carly had gotten the temporary magic attack. Kid Danger returned the next morning and Carly was awake. Many people asked her who her parents were and where she lived. At that time, Kid Danger had disappeared to the bathroom and changed back to himself...Henry Hart. He came in and offered her to come to his house. It struck him that this girl looked extremely familiar and they had similar features. The day after the hospital...Henry’s parents were out of town, Carly was using the unused bedroom which used to be hers. She heard a banging noise and peeked through Henry’s door. That’s when she figured out that Kid Danger fact Henry. When his parents came home and saw Carly they stood frozen. “C-Carly?” They asked. Carly was mystified that these people knew her. Henry jumped back. It was his other younger sister. The one kidnapped 5 years ago. He took her to the man cave when she told him that she had powers. Ray and Henry helped restore her memory. She now enjoys hanging out with them and battling villains by their side.

DarkStar panted as one of the henchman pinned her on the floor. There were cuffs on her hands that took away her magic. She cursed quietly and struggled against the 2 henchman's strong grip. She didn't know if her brother....or really, Kid Danger and Captain Man was going to show up or not, but she was struggling. "Let me go you jerks!*

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Nome : Megan
Idade: 15
Super heroína:girl danger
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