So I'm new...I was just listening to The Nights by Avicii and was wondering what you guys thought of it being turned into a YJ music video?

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Name: Emily
Power: change in to a neko
Weapons: my claws
Costume: look below
Weakness: water
Friends: Want to make some
Crush: NO one

Name: Parallel
Powers: Basically Wonder woman and Aquaman without the trident at the same time ( The name is Parallel because I'm from a universe where instead of having a kid with Zeus, Hippolyta had a boy with Poseidon )
Weapons: A double-sided War Glaive with a Trident piston ( Basically it can split apart into a double-sided trident )
Costume: Basically a full body Wonder Woman Costume but Blue and White instead of Red and white as the main colors
Weakness: Insecurity
Friends/Crush: None
Position: I help YJ But I am not a full time member

is working on a suit for Lunar
I wonder, should I make it a bird speed type suit or a dragon power type suit? Or maybe an all around bat type suit..... I know I will need to add her custom animal insignia and all that but speed power or both but not as good

is battling head on with bane and his entire gang Wyvern Suit: Cardinal Speed mode vs Venom, the Neo steroid king?

+Xx Jaclyon xX  I made this a suit appears out of the ground in the cave Lunar suit: Alpha Wolf


Name: Wyvern
Power: Acrobatics and intelligence
Weapons: Collapsible bo staff, drac-o-rangs ( Dragon themed bird-o-rangs ), My costume XD
Costume: A costume made of kevlar weaved with Kryptonite dust, lightweight metal plating's  with electricity charges in them for defense, A complex system of computers and electricity along with crystals and serums allowing me to move at superhuman speed, A full body mask with no pupils, a voice modifier, a flamethrower, and a built in sonic cry ability mimicked from the Canary cry. then my arms, metal platings with kryptonite melted in just in case a Kryptonian gets on my bad side, electricity and powerful electromagnets built in, and lasers  that are so hot martian man-hunter is afraid of them( Martian's weaknesses are heat based ), gauntlets with compressed air and built in vacuums allowing me to store powerful oxygen and use it to amplify my punches, assorted poisons and toxins, antidotes with needles ready to prick me if I get hit with a poison. then theres my legs which have electromagnetic springs that in a charge can allow me to jump up a building like jumping over a small rock in your way, oxygen vacuums that hold them in a storage tank for something else, electromagnetic boots with tips that have a nail like thing that I can launch into you and kick it deeper with the boots, some jets ( Not powerful ) for quick escapes and strong kicks, and assorted dispensers for air based toxins. Then my torso which has plated armor with a fiber that is so strong kryptonians have trouble piercing it, an oxygen storage tank linked to a dragon-style wingset that has multiple Vacuums that can gather air, use the air in the storage tank I gather from everywhere in my suit with vacuums, or use it as flying/gliding assist, built in drac-o-rang dispensers with explosive charges, an anti-EMP  computer system, laser-medical system that can diagnose my injuries, a mechanical talon that can equip my secondary mask ( for space or underwater ), two secondary talons under my arms meant for climbing up buildings, blocking attacks, or pushing things, then my neck has a built in collar that has tracking devices that track anyone I have put a drac-o-tracker on and can send out things like hacks, news, or EMP waves and finally a power core that can adapt to any type of power source and as backup holds up to 100 mini nuclear batteries
Weakness: I may have a tricked out suit more complicated than Batman's but I'm still human and outside of my super suit I'm pretty much worse than the other robins because I rely mainly on my suits superior agility and strength
Friends: The team, the Batfamily, and the Justice League Family
Skills: I'm working on magic but currently my strongest is sbimldnaotwodahssmansihtdnib ( Bind this mans shadow and limbs )
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