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What background sound styles do you like best? (PART 1)

Fellow practicians, as Prana Breath developer I would like to know what background styles sound best for you.
Please take a minute and pick your favorite!
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Night sky
Night sky

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#pranabreath, #update
Hello fellow breathers!

It's the first time Prana Breath has 4 new languages in one single release, so meet version 8.1 with Arabic, Farsi, Catalan and Greek! Plus one useful feature in Guru version, for Progress tab: right drawer, that allows to set the stats showing for a specific training type as well. Along with fixing some bugs (thanks for your reports!).

someone help me?! when the application directs us to hold our breath, what is this !? and rest also do not know, please could help me! PS: Im from Brazil

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#PranaBreath #update
Yes, we did it!

Half a year ago we started working on “just a little minor update”, that now turned into big beautiful major 8.0! Hope you will like it as much as we do. So here is a list of new features:

* Total UI redesign with bottom bar navigation
* New app icon
* Search option in training list
* Optimized for Android Oreo, including shortcuts in launcher menu
* Easy switch between training duration measure in Control tab
* Setting the preparing time now is in Control tab, and available in free version
* View of last results in Progress tab is available in free version
* Possibility to type the value in number pickers
* "Training details" are in right drawer now
* Training log introduced, in new "Log" tab
* Experience details for each entry in Log tab
* Night mode switch in Options bottom tab
* Internet permission to enable training import, anonymous feature usage data and bug reports
* Privacy Policy was updated
* Fixed billing system bugs and Android Oreo compatibility issues

Added for the Guru-version:
* One-click import of new patterns from our wiki database
* Setting the training sounds for each training separately
* Note for each training pattern in Control tab
* Note for each breathing session in Log tab
* New breath method for Bhramari Pranayama
* Long press on training chart to change its type
* Redesign of exporting of statistics
* Importing and exporting training as a file or as a link, including its sound settings and complexity levels

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Hooray, Prana Breath has got one million of installs! And I even doubted whether it was worth it to release 1.0 version ) Thank you so much for making my dream — a million of people who improve their lives with breathing — coming true!

Also, there was no update for quite a long time, and you probably wish it comes fast, don’t you? More good news — the new major version is in beta testing process for this moment!

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#pranabreath #meditation
Hello fellow practitioners!

It’s been a while since the last news from us, but our indie-developer’s team has got some busy time with our newborn son, I think you understand )

So here’s the new pattern that you can practice even on the go, even if you literally don’t have a few minutes to sit down, but still you can have the benefits of breathing gymnastics — it is Vrajana Pranayama Enjoy!

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The installing new exercises is not working after downloading.

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#pranabreath #meditation
Hello, fellow breathers and singers!

Here is one simple voice building technique that will make you sound more pleasant and confident in just a few minutes! Give it a try and sing better -

And who knows, maybe one of your summer meetings will turn into the milestone in your life because of the charm of your voice!

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#pranabreath #meditation
Hello, fellow practitioners!

Have you ever suffered listening to someone singing karaoke? Save your friends from this torment, surprise them how great you can sound! Just take some time practicing this new pattern, that has more than 100 year history of proven effectiveness.

So here is “Singer” pattern with 18 special exercises that will lead you to your great strong voice smoothly and naturally!
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