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I'm still a beginner, so do not judge strictly.

1) my home router, external ip (say):
2) my home is an experimental server. Internal ip (say):
3) On your home router set port forwarding the Internet:
from the outside 80 to 8080 home server
from the outside 443 443 home server
from the outside 8181 to 8181 home server
4) the server uses debian 8.1. Install the web server cherokee. It has a Web administration interface.

5) At work I am behind a proxy. Its external ip (say): 333.333.333.333
6) the internal ip of my desktop PC (for example): 444.444.444.444
7) Debian user on my work computer (for example): myuser

You need to configure the computer at work for remote administration of the Cherokee web server on your home server.
Tried to follow the article (
But there is little information. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Xiaomi Yi running 1.2.101 ;)

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Guys Guys. Did you know Cherokee is running on these awesome Xiaomi Yi camera's too? I already bought two of them for some experiments with slowmotion.

SSL 3.0 deemed insecure, how should we handle this in Cherokee? Should we remove all options to enable it at all (code cleanup). Or keep the situation as it is, it is disabled by default, but configurable?

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Today I received an e-mail that still offers the original Cherokee t-shirts that were given away at the first Cherokee congress. I must say I still wear (and wash) them regularly and the imprint still looks great.


Since few months ago the Cherokee website is unmaintained
this is a dead project ?

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I'm drowning here - does anyone know where theres a working tutorial on how to get uwsgi to work on cherokee? i've tried everything and nothing is working. i'm attempting to get a cherokee+uwsgi+django trifecta

I have just merged two very important improvements for cherokee. We now maintain keep-alive with 304 and 204 requests. The first will improve your client experience considerably, the latter might help you when you run an API at a rate of 3000 req/min like I do ;)

Secondary I have finally merged and reviewed the code of +Daniel Silverstone. His work is plain awesome and improves the code that forks new processes. Change "improves" with "replaces" and you get the point. We will finally have code that just works with CGI processes running as the file owner, sources that spawn as the requested user (also when your server runs nobody/nogroup or similar).

Long story short: we are rolling again with some big things, and you probably like to git pull again ;)

Can cherokee run on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?
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