To those people who risk their own life getting across a railway barrier at the last minute just to save a view seconds
For once in your life realise that you are putting other people's lives at risk
Maybe you should have a brain transplant and use one that actually works
Putting it very simply you are showing yourself to be very stupid and also a danger not only to yourself but to others around you

Rick wakeman
You have been a star in the music industry
To tell the truth I have never realy gave you that much attention
But I have just accuired piano portraits
And I like what I hear
You have great skill and artistic taste
I wish you more power to your elbow
And more strength to your beliefs

To Carrie fisher and Her family
I wish you strength and hope
And may the force be with you

R.i.p Rick Parfitt
Rick wherever you go take your guitar with you
Then we all know a good time will be had by all

Rocking all over the world. And beyond

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What about the pepsi advert with pink byonce and I appolagise I cant remember the other artist. This was a good performence of we will rock you
It would be nice if this could be recreated for the fans

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Amo Rock:)

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"I wanna make you forget everything and give to our life new direction"
of music -Chalie Brown

A snippet of the song(Um trecho da musica)-Queen
Buddy,you're a bodymake a big noise playin'in the street
Gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on face ,you big disgrace
kickin 'your can all over  the place
Singing we will, we will rock you................

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