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name: nova star
species: solar pony
race: unicorn
age: 11
cm: none
backstory: wip
name: crystal heart
species: pony
race: alicorn
age: 11
cm: the crystal heart
personality: kind, abit lazy, sensitive, impaitiant, silly
likes: parties, sleep(XD), friends, snow, her bday, summer,
dislikes: being alone, snow(yep idk if i hate or love snow XD), the stupidity of some ponies, waiting
talent: spreading love and friendship like the crystal heart
flaws: she is sometimes kinda lazy, gets bored easily, she can get mad kinda easy (yep im describing me XD)
backstory: WIP (shes the daughter of cadence)
(if her old version not accepted may i show you my new version of her)
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Name:Melody Hearts
age:16 in equestria, 800 in the heavens
race: Angel Unicorns
parents:Unknown; Foster parents are Soprana Alto and Tenor Base's Parents: Twilight and Flash
Likes: Singing, Sparks, Kindness, clouds, sky, The sun, lights, Magenta, Future Tone, moon beams and many more things
Dislikes: Discord, bullying, sadness, Pitch black, red
Powers: Moving her floating angel wings around, teleportation, and Sonic voice.
Bio: Fallen from the heavens because of a lot of discord in the future, She doesn't remember anything after falling. Found by Soprana and Tenor. After waking up she saw twilight and thoght she recongnized her but seeing her wings, she denys it. after a day she goes to Harmony high with soprana and Tenor. Her locker was right next to the bullies Sun spark(right) and Magic wand (left). They noticed her and started talking about how fake her wings look. (she has no idea why they were there) Then Magic started to pull the left wing to prove that she was using her magic. She wasn't which then she felt excruciating pain. Then they ran away after hearing her scream. 
(welp, that's part ofher bio. her bio is extremy long.)

You see a mare outside, waiting for someone.

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Name: Swirly Twist

Gender: Mare

Age: 10

Parents: None

Species: Pegasus

Talent: twirling around like a swirl shape

Likes: twirling around like a swirl shape, meeting new ocs , math, going to the park

Dislikes: bullies, school, homework

Bio: her parents died when she was 7 and they died from old age. But she was an active pony

Cutie Mark: Pink swirl

Don't post my oc into mlp bad oc!
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