where is stephanie? has she been deleted too? what is going on?

it seems that stephanie is gone and now this community has no owners, google plus is going crazy deleting people for no reason, just because she is not on a lot does not mean anything actually it means she is real instead of fake, fake are on all the time, real are not!

she is back it seems and she said she will join the new community and make sure it is has good owners and she is sorry she was not able to stop it from happening, she says she is not on here much but she will try what she can for everyone!

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This is Stephanie, Katherine McNamara, and Alberto Rosende with a short hello to Netflix Portugal from 2016.


Happy birthday, Stephanie.

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This movie clip should be everybody's "lucky" day:


I hope your Canadian Thanksgiving is enjoyable, Stephanie.

+Lindsey Mckeon​, +Lori Loughlin​ and +Shiri Appleby​ thank you all so much for the wonderful invitation.

Welcome to +Google+, Stephanie. Enjoy your stay. :)

Thanks for promoting me. ^_~
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