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Al Jerico hates Sonic Lost World, right? But here's the thing: Nerdword hates that game too, but at least he can accept other people's opinions on that game. Al Jerico, on the other hand, is acting like his opinion is the truth. His words, not mine.

So is al jerico like on G+ anymore?

Join this community.
Reason of its creation: A guy named al jerico annoyed me and a lot of sonic fans saying everything wrong is a fact, he is also rude, but extremely rude he makes a lot of sentences of 10-40 lines for explaining why everyone should consider what he says as a fact even if it's not. He also can't accept the opinions and calls the others autistic or retarded for giving an opinion, if you insult the games he did likes, he gets butthurt and insult you (as usual). Seeing how many people gets angry at this moron, I created this community.
He likes and worship: Sonic 06 (only bad sonic fans will like this failed game), Sonic unleashed and the adventure series.
He hates and he will try as much as possible to make everyone hating those: Sonic colours, Sonic boom (I fully agree with him for this one, this game is crap, but I still respect the opinions from others which he can't), Sonic lost worlds and Sonic generation.
It's useless to search the cringe on his public g+ page, you need to search him on youtube, he comments on the videos of sonic and can respond to you if you say the games that he actually hates and act like a fanboy (even if going into a fanboy is useless, but simply saying that colours surpass 06 is enough to make him butthurt). If you watch a sonic video, you have 1/5 of chances to find him. He doesn't comment on other kind of videos.
He also hates nintendo (I am not joking), I saw him calling names the fans of mario.
He's probably a sonictard as much as sonic the king.
That's all, for more informations, pm me.

Why is this comm a thing? You made an entire comm based off someone you hate? Sounds like you guys have a bit too much time on your hands.
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