Application as good, pity to have no more support :(

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Till today isnt compatibile with my s8+. I have already bought The pro version by inapp purchase.

Just tried to reinstall, Play Store says not available for the Galaxy Note 5.

Just got today's update, but it still doesn't fix the overlay not being over the status bar... The trigger area shows up as red, but it's still behind the status bar, so you can't use it to expand from the top.

This is on Android 8.0.0 on a OnePlus 3T.

And please separate the caller ID feature, it makes no sense having it bundled with this amazing Snap Widget Drawer.

Hi guys I have a problem, cannot download it from playstore, tells me than my smartphone isnt compatibile. I have a S8 plus with Android 7.

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Has anyone been able to do this?

ATTN Developer,

I love this app, it helps keeps my homescreen clean and conveniently tucks away my go to day to day apps, however, as of late I've been experiencing bugging issues. My apps and widgets are being moved around accidently, due to the lock toggle switched off all the time. I recently got the 8.0 Oreo update and the app doesn't work anymore in the background. I have purchased this app and can't find it in the Play store anymore. Please bring back a updated smoother run of snap swipe drawer, it's a great app, and I'd hate to see it go


Based on the recent response from the developer, I smell cheating. They have been providing the same response that they are working on the issues and can't provide a date for fix. I asked them to share the latest working APK offline and they denied it saying they can't share it. I think they forgot the fact that I am a paid user. I think like Fleksy frauds the new developers here may release it again and ask us to pay again. I tried to get a refund but the card it used during purchase is inactive now :(

Hi Snap,

I use interactive widgets with buttons, like remote control widgets, and I find myself very often activating rearranging drawer widgets by long pressing by mistake. Would it be possible to include an option to turn off long press rearranging?

Thank you!
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