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To PowerDNS,

I was wondering if you could publish some news about our new PowerDNS PHP API; I will be writing a basic example XOOPS 2.5 module that runs in the system to administrate it, but it is by me Dr. Simon Antony Roberts you can find it at either of these two repositories:~
It comes complete with an install and installation instructions including getting up and started with PowerDNS on a number of linux titles...

Warmth + Best Regards,

Simon Antony Roberts
Phone: +61-451-830-229
Skype: antony.cipher
Facebook: Linked-in:
Bizo Twit:
Bizo FB:

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I just upgraded to 4.1.0 from 4.0.4 and am getting an error that I can't figure out.

PowerDNS 4.1.0 is configured as the master with LDAP backend and the slaves are running bind9.11.

I'm getting this error on the slaves:
named[85756]: zone Transfer started.
named[85756]: transfer of '' from connected using
named[85756]: zone has no NS records
named[85756]: transfer of '' from failed while receiving responses: bad zone
named[85756]: transfer of '' from Transfer status: bad zone
named[85756]: transfer of '' from Transfer completed: 2 messages, 2 records, 188 bytes, 0.108 secs (1740 bytes/sec)

So I ran 'pdnsutil check-zone' on the master and it gives this:
pdnsutil check-zone
[Error] No NS record at zone apex in zone ''
Checked 1 records of '', 1 errors, 0 warnings.

I reverted back to 4.0.4 and everything works perfectly again with no errors on the slave and 'check-zone' returns no errors or warnings.

I've checked the documentation for 4.1 and from what I can tell everything is fine with my configuration and I don't see anything noted in the docs that could be causing this.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Hi all,

Whats the best setup for pdns authoritative to serve ipv6 ?

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