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Beautiful Morning  Salutations to all. Sending Hugs loves Kisses and Blessings to each and everyone of you. May todays journey bring forth Joy and happines for you each. Have a  Happy Sunny Saturday! XOXO <3
Beautiful Pictures are Devolped
from Negatives in a Dark Room.
So, if yoU see Darkness in your Life
rest assured  that God is making
a Beautiful Picture 4 yoU! :) <3
A Very Good Morning
Though waking up alone from my bed
I feel good and at peace
I say a prayer
And a litany of thanksgiving
Savoring the fresh cool morning air
Enjoying the view
Of a pristine mountain
a piquant atmosphere
The sun still hides, 
Soon it will shine with charm and might

Read a relaxing book rather than the daily paper
A refreshing tea
And a dollop of honey
This morning is ecstatic
Than the usual mornings of my life. 
written by:Champs Ulysses Cabinatan 

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Bountiful Blessings for a bright terrific Tuesday!!!!  sending Hugs Loves and blessing upon blessing to each and everyone of you  LOVES <3 <3 <3 

Wake up, wake up,
It's morning time,
Stretch yourself,
Freshen up your mind.

It's a new start,
Make the most,
Live it with smile,
And enjoy to the core.
May Each Day Be Blessed

May each day be blessed
With all sorts of wonderful things;
Like the comfort of love and the joy of hope
And the warmth that having a good friend brings

May your tomorrows be carefree;
Free from worries and fears
May each moment be magical
Lasting through the years
May this day find you well
As you cross my mind
And may you know that you’re
An important person in my life

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May your night bring you each sweet dreams  May it bring you peace and contentment  I am sending you each Hugs Loves and Blessings <3 After a long dry and a very tiring day, 
the good old night is finally on your way.

It is time when the moon up there glows and gleams,
And the hour when it tells us to have sweet dreams.

So my dear friend reward yourself with sleep tonight,
Here I stop by to your side, to wish you a good night Nite Nite wishes <3
This Magical Night
by Karan

Quietly in waiting for the sun to set in deep within dreams
So deep to where horizons touch the calm of the flowing breeze
Sky colors change from crimson to dark streaks
Birds blindly seeking their way back home.

Night unfolding itself so silently
All seems magical as the curtain of world keeps changing
First the moon is seen as a crescent at the distance rising so softly
One by one the whole galaxy of stars follow by.

Nothing can get better than this night coming awake
Beyond imagination tunes are heard in the air everywhere
At a hearable distance orchestration of someone playing sad strings
Bringing out in the audience feelings, some emotions some hidden tears.

Sitting peacefully, two souls holding on to each other
Mesmerized in silence of the night together
Closing eyes loosing themselves in stars
Being just each others listeners.

How can anyone sleep in the cold of this magical night?
Two old hands with spectacles knitting through the past
Teenagers dreaming of love & a future for themselves
Children anxiously listening to grandma's fairy tales.

Some lost in thoughts of themselves
Some souls missing out on lost ones
Hoping that this magic in the air will never end today
Hoping this night never ends or turns to another day.

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See outside the Window,
the Sun is rising for yoU, Flowers are  smiling for yoU,
Birds are Singing for yoU, Because last night
I asked God to bless you with a happy sunshiny joyful GooD Morning!!!!! sending hugs loves and blessings <3
Just Enjoy Life's Simple Pleasures
Taking yourself less seriously, 
is a wonderful way, to reduce
stress! If you don't proceed 
with caution, you could end up, 
in quite a mess. There's enough
pressure we have to face, on an
average day, we should learn to
handle it wisely, then send it, 
merry on it's way! Just enjoy life's 
simple pleasures, it's all around
for you and me. Forget about any 
kind of stress and live your life, 
written by :Audrey Heller
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