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New photos! (all photos archived: all the photos from the old texture and new one).
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Minecraft PI edition lets play on FRIDAY

Two Friday Episodes! 


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Lo and behold. Number 5 is out! See it down here. I feel sorry for the people who didn't know they were in. the computer is too slow for screen recorder. Even though, my camera positioning is getting better. come on Alex and the others! Share some servers. I'll give you the address of mine.

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Number 4, its just raw!

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Number 5... is alive.

Note that the video lags to sound; if I say a refrence to a chat and the video doesn't show it then don't worry, I can't prognosticate the future.

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It is here!  The mushcraft 4th episode!  I don't think I will be using hypercam upto around video 7or8 (i may actually install FRAPS for episode 4, but it is highly unlikely) and we will enjoy the new map.  We will be on this map for episodes and episodes and i can't go wrong because it is a tiny island.  A lso i am being a bit mor brave and will kill the mobs properly!

Four out! Five coming

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Can you wait for the big mushcraft photo cache!  These are some photos to keep you going...

Remember that these photos, when viewed on a computer, re only viewed partially, so bring the photos into a proper viewing area. 
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