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[|Welcome to|]

Were all here to have fun so do exactly that
Let's get this place alive and thriving

Oi if your reading this MAKE AN OC AND POST IT RN!

if anyone needs help pp one of us or just tag us
+Lord Satan​​​​​​​​
+Saint Vin​​​​​​​​

+Uzimiko Sun​​​​​​​​
+Lucifer's Son​​​​​​​
+Jam Montero

follow our rules, have fun, I won't say get along.. Because then what's the fun of fighting? Just make sure you resolve it

if I catch fnaf or mlp I will personally kill you, >.> just know we are watching

~love to you all Uzimiko

If you read this all you wasted rp time... STOP reading! Go rp, your still reading aren't you.. Your mind is so weak :p

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Name: Aries Michael

Age: 23

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Personality: outgoing, short tempered, slightly aggressive, calm at times, help full when possible, and is a bit of a minx

Likes: food, drawing, training, fighting, animals, murder, a challenge

Dislikes: When things don't go well and when there is rotten or no food

Hates: when she can't have peace and when she can't master a attack

Powers and abilities: manipulating fire earth and water, spells, horns, pet ram, survival skills, a great maid and martial arts

Weakness: reminders of her past and a blow to her left eye

Bio: She was raised in a small kingdom till it fell from flames on a december at the age of 5-6 she was then raised by rams and sheep she soon developed horns and hair like wool eventually she was found by a hunter named rose at 14 she was given the name Aries and she learned magic from her three years later rose was killed and Aries returned to the rams and sheep only to be greeted by a lonesome life

+Yuki the yandere Mochimazzi​ can I be a mod bby

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Name: Darien puppeteer

Age: 19

Gender: male

Sexual orientation: straight

Personality: outgoing, calm, strong willed

Likes: puppets, food, reading, drawing, and traps

Dislikes: himself pr his friends getting hurt

Hates: having his friends hurt or someone he likes getting hurt

Powers and abilities:
*shadow puppeteer
*resurrect puppet
*complete body control
*string trap

Weakness: electric powers

Bio: he is a puppeteer who travels with a circus his past has a dark history full of despair and misery he will be a good ally or thw worst enime becuse of his powers to use puppets, skeletons, to use dead bodys as puppets but if you try to find what he hides who knows

+Saint Blackstands on the ground waiting for you and when he sees you hey yea

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I was searching for other places to learn more about powers and abilities and their history and all
Then I would be around here to know more about them and how to use them properly

// +Saint Black
Sorry... couldn't think of any....

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|| Quote ||
Red Wild Wing
I'm all about him

★Information :★

Name : Yana "Seina" Saishii

Age : 16

Gender : Female

Sexuality : Straight

Personality : However she behaves... that's
how her personality is..

Likes : Flowers, Musics, Cats, Leaves,
Water, Colours, Sky, Rain, Wind,

Dislikes : Whoever doesn't behave nice
Nice with her...

Hates : To be ignored

★Powers and Abilities★

★Nature Manipulation★
She can manipulate the nature and control it
By controlling nature shee can get :

♣Plants and Trees♣
Can control the trees and plants even like flowers and leaves

[Eyes and hairs will be Green while using this power]

★Water Manipulation★
If there are water around then she can control it if she needs to be

[Eyes and hairs will be Blue while using this ability]

♦Ice Manipulation♦
She can transform the ice into water or water into ice and if needs to be she can use ice as well for powers and abilities

[Eyes and hairs will be light blue while using this ability]

Other abilities are still to learn

Bio :

Yana Saishii was born in the non
world where everyone lives as
normal human being

Later she finds the world where powers and magic exists...

When she learned powers or abilities.. she got "Seina" in her name
Now she's searching for other places to find more powers and to learn more powers properly
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Name : Yana Saishii

Age : 18

Gender : Female

Sexual Orientation : Straight

Personality : Nice, Bossy, Sweet, Kind....

Likes : Fun, Rain, Nature, Flowers,
Chocolates, Rabbit, Nice People
Friends, Family...

Dislikes : Bad peoples, bad things...

Hates : To be ignored.. Mean people

Powers And Abilities ~
Still learning....

Weakness ~
Physical Fight since doesn't know any...

Bio :
Travelling from one place to
another to learn to user powers
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Ok um... 28 followers...
starts digging graves

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"Soon, I will take over this world."

Shinko Kibo

"The 5th Noah"






Tier: 7-A:Mountain Level
Character/Weapons who can destroy mountains or easily harm a person with mountain level durability

Attack Potency: 7-A around there

Speed:Reaction Speed

The speed at which a character can react. This usually grants a short movement upon reaction,several moments at the same speed switch it to combat speed. Say character A shoots at character B with a gun and character B dodges it. That's their reaction speed. Keep in mind,some people aim dodge and its not as good of a feat. For example let's say character A uses a minigun on character B,but the minigun takes a second or two to charge up a d Character B see's this. If Character B dodges this,it is considered aim dodging since he/she knew the attack was going to happen. Reaction Speed is reacting to an attack you didn't know was going to happen or at a very close range. The reaction speed of a character tends to be higher than its movement speed.

Durability:Large Building Level:Able to survive an attack that can destroy a mid to large sized skyscraper.

Striking Strength:Class PJ:Physical strikes are Small City to Large City/Mountain Level. Punches comparable to high end nukes.

Lifting Strength:Class K:10^5 to 10^6 kg(the mass of the largest animal:blue whale,the heaviest of air crafts)

Seiken-This weapon is strong enough to cut lands with just the wind it creates it is really heavy and a celestial weapon that can be mutated into anything (is currently Shinkos arm).

Mind Reading:The ability to read minds


If reads minds for too long he could lose control of his own brain and die. (WIP)

Shinko is a man with average white skin,blue eyes,gray hair,and red mark on his right eye. He usually wears a huge white trench coat, and a black suit under

Shinko was born in a land named Aourif from there he was sent to Solaris with his dragon Skaia. He was raised by a very beautiful maiden who loved to take care of children. As time went on Shinko became interested into reading and does NOT like to be interrupted. At age 16 he went to the goddess Gaia who gave him the power to read minds. After that he lost his arm in a fight that would make him king of Solaris. He left his home and set out. During his journey he found a sword that was buried under a mountain which he partially destroyed. After knowing what the sword was he made it into his arm. He then returned back and now lives in the land where Gaia is in a home filled with books.
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