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♈ Name ♈

♈ Nicknames ♈
The Cloth Blacksmith
Aries Mu
Mistress Mu
Lord Mu

♈ Age ♈

♈ Gender ♈

♈ Born ♈

♈ Species ♈

♈ Hair Color ♈

♈ Eye Color ♈

♈ Skin Color ♈

♈ Height ♈
182 cm

♈ Weight ♈
75 kg

♈ Likes ♈
Athena, fellow saints, tea.

♈ Dislikes ♈
Disobedience, Hades, those that threaten the earth or Athena

♈ Affinity/Style of Magic ♈

♈ Attire ♈
Golden Aries Cloth
Aries God Cloth

♈ Relatives/Relationships ♈
Master: Shion
Apprentice: Kiki

♈ Personality ♈
Mu is very soft spoken, with a scholarly-like personality; demeanor is very tranquil and logical, almost like a professor of the Sanctuary

♈ Equipment ♈
Gold Aries Cloth
God Aries Cloth

♈ Abilities/skills ♈
While Mu is depicted as a pacifist throughout the first half of the series, she is an extremely capable and powerful fighter when the situation demands so. Not only is the Saint of Aries built with two offensive and one defensive attacks, she is also a master of various psychic techniques. From basic teleportation to advanced telekinesis, Mu is revered as a premiere psychic user among even those outside of Sainthood. The will of Athena makes Mu and the other eleven gold saints out of death state in order for them to batter down the Wailing Wall.

Crystal Wall: Mu creates a transparent, glass-like barrier made of psycho-power, between herself and an object. The wall is very durable, and has been shown to shield Mu against everything from normal cosmos attacks to poison scent and rebounding the attack back to the enemy with the same strength it was launched. The strength of the wall is dependent on Mu's cosmos level; at 100%, it is nearly unbreakable to almost all but Mu's mentor who taught her the technique, Aries Shion.

Crystal Net: A variation of the technique Crystal Wall which creates a psycho-power made spider web. This web can refrain the movements of the targets that get in contact with it.

Stardust Revolution: Like Crystal Wall, it is an attack that was handed down by her mentor Aries Shion (The former Aries Gold Saint and the real Pope of Athena's Sanctuary in this modern era). The attack summons stardust from stars and galaxies then throws million of blows instantly. It's well known that the attack has force of shooting stars and comets and obliterates an enemy with raw cosmos power. In Episode G, Mu used this attack to destroy all the hundred arms of the Hechatonchire.

Starlight Extinction: A teleportation-based offensive technique. Although it essence rely not on destroying the opponent but on removing her from battle, by teleporting the opponent out of sight and out of the fight, Mu accumulates her cosmos that is released in the form of multiple photon shocks, which hit the opponent across the body to the speed of light countless times, sends a light completely surrounds the target and watch it disappear while off, "absorbs, dissolves and extinguishes" all the opponent in the halo or swirl of light. when Mu used it against Pegasus Seiya, she was able to send the bronze saint to a location of her choosing. She also used this technique to send Cancer Deathmask and Pisces Aphrodite to Hades' earthly castle in Germany (it must be noted that she was trying to kill them by sending both to the "dead world"). In the fight against Papillon Myu, at the end of the battle when Papillon is entrapped by Crystal Net, Mu sent him out of existence, and thus successfully killed him. (The kill was confirmed by Virgo Shaka's 108 Rosary. The number of the black beads also includes Papillon's.) In Episode G, Starlight Extinction is also used to remove Dimension Iapetos' dimensional rifts.

♈ History ♈
Under the tutelage of Shion, the Grand Pope of the Sanctuary, Mu was able to become the Gold Saint of Aries at a young age. While all gold Saints have a base of psychic powers to some degree, Mu has been stated to possess the strongest raw psychic talent among all living Gold Saints.

Mu removed herself from Sanctuary after suspecting that her mentor (and then-Pope), Aries Shion, had been quietly assassinated. She relocated to Jamir, a mystical land that only those with a high level of either psychic or a powerful Cosmos can enter. From here, Mu severed all ties to Sanctuary and lived a life of solitude with her apprentice, the young psychic Kiki. It wasn't until years later, when she met Dragon Shiryu and Pegasus Seiya, that she began to become involved in the affairs of Sanctuary again.

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Name: Aries Michael

Age: 23

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Personality: outgoing, short tempered, slightly aggressive, calm at times, help full when possible, and is a bit of a minx

Likes: food, drawing, training, fighting, animals, murder, a challenge

Dislikes: When things don't go well and when there is rotten or no food

Hates: when she can't have peace and when she can't master a attack

Powers and abilities: manipulating fire earth and water, spells, horns, pet ram, survival skills, a great maid and martial arts

Weakness: reminders of her past and a blow to her left eye

Bio: She was raised in a small kingdom till it fell from flames on a december at the age of 5-6 she was then raised by rams and sheep she soon developed horns and hair like wool eventually she was found by a hunter named rose at 14 she was given the name Aries and she learned magic from her three years later rose was killed and Aries returned to the rams and sheep only to be greeted by a lonesome life

+Yuki the yandere Mochimazzi​ can I be a mod bby 

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Name: Darien puppeteer

Age: 19

Gender: male

Sexual orientation: straight

Personality: outgoing, calm, strong willed

Likes: puppets, food, reading, drawing, and traps

Dislikes: himself pr his friends getting hurt

Hates: having his friends hurt or someone he likes getting hurt

Powers and abilities:
*shadow puppeteer
*resurrect puppet
*complete body control
*string trap

Weakness: electric powers

Bio: he is a puppeteer who travels with a circus his past has a dark history full of despair and misery he will be a good ally or thw worst enime becuse of his powers to use puppets, skeletons, to use dead bodys as puppets but if you try to find what he hides who knows

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Red Wild Wing
I'm all about him

★Information :★

Name : Yana "Seina" Saishii

Age : 16

Gender : Female

Sexuality : Straight

Personality : However she behaves... that's
how her personality is..

Likes : Flowers, Musics, Cats, Leaves,
Water, Colours, Sky, Rain, Wind,

Dislikes : Whoever doesn't behave nice
Nice with her...

Hates : To be ignored

★Powers and Abilities★

★Nature Manipulation★
She can manipulate the nature and control it
By controlling nature shee can get :

♣Plants and Trees♣
Can control the trees and plants even like flowers and leaves

[Eyes and hairs will be Green while using this power]

★Water Manipulation★
If there are water around then she can control it if she needs to be

[Eyes and hairs will be Blue while using this ability]

♦Ice Manipulation♦
She can transform the ice into water or water into ice and if needs to be she can use ice as well for powers and abilities

[Eyes and hairs will be light blue while using this ability]

Other abilities are still to learn

Bio :

Yana Saishii was born in the non
world where everyone lives as
normal human being

Later she finds the world where powers and magic exists...

When she learned powers or abilities.. she got "Seina" in her name
Now she's searching for other places to find more powers and to learn more powers properly
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I was searching for other places to learn more about powers and abilities and their history and all
Then I would be around here to know more about them and how to use them properly

// +Saint Black
Sorry... couldn't think of any....

+Saint Blackstands on the ground waiting for you and when he sees you hey yea 

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Name : Yana Saishii

Age : 18

Gender : Female

Sexual Orientation : Straight

Personality : Nice, Bossy, Sweet, Kind....

Likes : Fun, Rain, Nature, Flowers,
Chocolates, Rabbit, Nice People
Friends, Family...

Dislikes : Bad peoples, bad things...

Hates : To be ignored.. Mean people

Powers And Abilities ~
Still learning....

Weakness ~
Physical Fight since doesn't know any...

Bio :
Travelling from one place to
another to learn to user powers
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