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Good lord... Someone designed this and someone actually approved this.

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Simple but clever branding. 

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This is absolutely one of the funnies websites I have come across. Designers and decorators will love this.

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Definitely something I want to play with.
Plotagraph Pro is going to change the way you see images

"Animate your photos now and stand out in the crowd of static images.” This is one of the clever taglines on the Plotagraph website.
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Of course....

" updates to licensed Sketch users for at least the next six months,  or until one year after their date of purchase (whichever comes last). "

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Lorem Ipsum is so 2005

H/t: +Kiri Descence


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I just love when designers come up with such fun and creative solutions. And props to the business that embrace this kind of creativity instead of going with the same cliche and safe designs.

Super Creative Coffee Cup Moods | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

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Woot! 30 More free fonts... In exchange for your email.

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60 Quality Free Fonts. Some really great ones in here.

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