Name: Snowheart

Moons/Age: 10 Moons

Appearance: White fur with super light baby bluish color tip of ears, tip of paws, tip of tail, blue eyes

Gender: She-cat

Personality: Snowheart is kind to others, she is brave and not afraid to injure others to protect her clan, she is loyal and will fight until she dies, she is loving, and strong.

Clan: Thunderclan

Other: She loves leaf-bare, flowers, swimming, her best friend is Skypaw

Bio: Snowheart was a half-clan kit. Her father was a Thunderclan cat, her mother was a Riverclan cat. Her parents fell in love but when they had Snowheart, she was known as a "loner", since her father, Icepaw, told Thunderclan that he found her hidden underneath a big piece of ice, since it was leaf-bare at the time. Nobody but her parents know, not even Snowheart. Now many make fun of her for not being a naturalist to Thunderclan.
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