Want a wierd stactic that is legal in VGC?

IV's:  All but spec attack need to be perfect
EV's:  Attack and DEF
Nature:  +DEF -Spec ATK
Moves:  Rest, Minimize, Belly Drum, Body Slam. 
Stratagy:  Minimize till your opponent is missing frequiently, rest off damage when needed, belly drum after evasion boosts, then body slam.

Want a smogon idea:  Just  use substitute instead of minimize.  your bulk makes your sub massive, and if it does not break go for the belly drum and rest back to full. 
Look at it,  look at in and weep  tears of joy. 

finally better medically and mentally.  Prepair for a flood of posts folks.

Hey guys Lets have a discussion on the massive lack of diversity in VGC professional play.

Landorus Therian:  8/8 teams
Crysellia:  5/8
Amoongus:  6/8
Mega Kanga:  6/8

This is disgusting to me.  This is boring to watch.  This is not a proper meta.  Most Effective Tactic Available should not mean play only 1 tactic ever.  It should be a series of checks and balances that allows for several dozen strategies.  Not just lets play the most outright broken 6 pokemon I am legally allowed to use, and try to out read opponents. 

What do you guys think on this lack of diversity. 

2 Things. 

1:  This group is not for sharing other groups. 

2:  I have been ill as of late, and as such been unable to post regularly. 

I applogize for both

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We have a tie between fighting and dragon type  I will be going over fighting today.

Lucario shall be this day's pokemon.

If you ahve acsess to mega
Lucario @ Life Orb
Ability: Justified
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Close Combat
- Swords Dance
- Extreme Speed
- Iron Tail

This is straight forward.  swrods dance, and then stab for win.  Keep out for bulky ground types which can lay in on you.  Sturdy agron, bastiodon, and Wobbuffet will kill you if they get to come in.  so bear that in mind.

If you are playing ubers or VGC
Lucario @ Lucarionite
Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Close Combat
- Bullet Punch
- Stone Edge
- Iron Tail

Just like the last one, this is all about landing strong hits, and sweeping out.  The same threats from the last set stand true here.  while you do have a slightly better defense, you are still VERY frail.

What shall be next?
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Today's Pokemon: 

Wifi Non Ranked Battles:
Ability Moody

Wifi Ranked/smogon Battles:
Technician/Own Tempo.

Stratigum A:
IV's:  31 in all but attack
EV's:  HP and Spc DEF
Nature:  +DEF -ATK
Item:  Focus Sash
Moves:  Spore (Darkvoid in doubles), Sticky Web, Stealth Rocks, Magic Coat.

Tips and uses:  Put the foe to sleap, use the switch to set up web, rocks and let him die.  It is that simple.  YOu have no staying power here, and the best you can do get the sleep and set up the web and rocks.  Your frail.  Though without prankster you are the fastest spore user in the game. 

Stratigum B:  MOODY ONLY
IV's:  Max All save Spec ATK
EV's:  ATK and HP
Item:  Left Overs
Moves:  Protect, Substitute, Double Team/Spore/Dark Void, Return.
Tips and Tricks:  Protect and sub until they don't break the sub, then spam double team till you are unkillable.  Wait for the ATK boosts to max out, and let them have it.  Even the mighty Arceus trebles at your might.  Alternatively you can use spore instead of double team to force constant switches. 

Now:  What should i cover next?
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Poll CLOSED!  Post for this pol is made.
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Other: Comment

Last night's poll said a 3:1:1 ratio that the Psychic type was dur for some love.

Today we are going to be going over:  Mew! 

All Stats are base 100!  (sings)

Stratigum A:  Ultimate Coverage Sweeper
Nature:  Hardy 
IV's:  All perfect
EV's:  Attack and Special Attack
Item:  choice scarf

Moves:  Bulldoze/soft Boiled/recover, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam.

Tips and Uses:  The combination of Ground, fire, electric, and fiarly offers a staggering 615 dex entry (including mega's) supper effective chance option.  all others have neutral match up.  This means that 100% of the time you have the advantage over the opponent.  The use of the choice scarf allows you to get common outspeeds and hit with your fantastic move pool.  Swapping out bulldze for either soft boiled or recover would allow you to use a life orb instead, but inorder for this mixed attacker set to you, you need as much sticking power and speed as posible.

Stratigum 2:  Super Status support
Nature:  +DEF - Speed
IV's:  All perfect
EV's:  HP and Special Defence
Item: Left overs. 

Move 1:  Taunt
Move 2:  Soft-Boiled
Move 3:  Will-O-Wisp/Toxic
Move 4:  Knock Off/Psychic
Tips and uses:  This set takes advantage of mew's natural bulk in its balanced stats while allowing you to still be safe from the very taunt it is using to stop set up.  Most set up mons caught in taunt will be forced to attack with minimal damage, and you get a free turn to throw out a will-o-whisp to burn the switch in.  alternatively you can run toxic if the enemy team is more special based.  Knock Off deals with pesky item reliant bruisers and tanks such as garchomp, kangeskan, and many more.  Win the prediction and you turn off the mega. 

Stratigum C:  Baton Pass
Nature:  +DEF - Speed
IV's:  All perfect
EV's:  HP and Special Defence
Item: Left overs. 

Move 1:  Calm Mind/Nasty Plot
Move 2:  Soft Boiled/Amnesia
Move 3:  Baton Pass
Move 4:  Psychic

Tips and Tricks:  If you have calm mind run recover, if you have nasty plot run amnesia.  In the first lay out you will calm mind into a sweep or pass thanks to the tremendous bulk and recovery you bring to the table as mew.  Sticking power is winning power.  In the second lay out, you amnesia turn 1, recover, amnesia, and go into nasty plot as much as you safely can.  With a special heavy opposing team you will end up stalling out till your main sweeper can get passed in, or you can just one shot with psychic. 

Ask Me anything about topics relevant to this group:

It can be anything related to pokemon battling, from move sets, to ivs, to anything about it. 

Shoot those questions and i will make full posts about them.

If i have a pokemon with

Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse, Moon Blast, and Toxic.

How many pokemon can resist this set? 

Tip there is a type calculator available online.
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