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Jalil Irfan

Discussion  - 
i have been searching for ember tutorials
is there any latest tutorial with the new version and project flow

things are different with my current project with ember 2.4 and with the tutorials available online
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sachi shah

Discussion  - 
We have a few e-copies of Instant Handlebars.js
available for review. If interested, just drop a line in the comments below with following required details:

1. Email address
2. Choice of website for posting your book-review (can be your blog or website, or Amazon.com)

You can also get in touch with me via sachis@packtpub.com
Table of Contents. Instant Handlebars.js. Instant Handlebars.js. So, what is Handlebars? The syntax. Installation. Downloading the Handlebars library; Precompiling templates. Quick start – creating your first template. Preparing the project; Block helpers. Top 6 features you need to know about ...
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