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Welcome to the Wolf Pack. I am the alpha of the pack. Members here are treated equally and "low ranked" members are called hunters. Please don't treat me like a king, I'm just like everyone here, a member! If you have questions or suggestions, I'll be more than happy to hear/read them. :)

I am here now even though everyone is gone. 😥

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Lets see how many likes I get...

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So true👍👍

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I give a shout out to this person's art
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RANK: Elder Medical Wolf, Healer of Body and Spirit
Name: Chakra
Color: Black and Silver with silver eyes
When healing my eyes change color from silver to: crimson red, blue, green, yellow, orange depending on which wolf area I am healing.
I am available at a blink of an eye because I am also a Timetraveler. Once we are spiritually linked, I will know when you need me.
Be well in mind, spirit and wolf. See you on the forest path.

Is any one even on any more?

RP today! How about it, Young Wolfe? I still want it on saturdays thou

OK, our first RP.
New Grey waits for the pack to wake up.
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