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thinking this community is almost extinct, what your opinion?
i´m owner, and i´m seriously considering delete it... why? Because no one post nothing here! it´s only a nostalgic place at this moment!

i´m open to opinions.


I'm trying to simulate a parachute dropping out of a plane for a project I'm working on, but can't seem to get it to work correctly. Does anybody have any suggestions as how I could go about doing this?

I don't know about you guys, but as XSI is a very integral part of my pipeline, I have no intentions to remove it for the foreseeable future. I'm curious to know who will be keeping it around?

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Sad day to industry.
SOFTIMAGE RIP  1988 -2014

Thanks Autodesk to do NOTHING for our beloved software since Avid aquisition.

Hello fellows...

I´m leaving SI, so if someone wish to become owner of this group, please reply this.


Hey folks, I need a big favor.  A client sent me a Rhino .3dm file that I cannot convert.  I tried Babel3D but they have a 100mb limit and the file is 166mb.  I can read OBJ or .XSI files.  Is anyone able to translate it for me or point me to someone who can?  Thanks!

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Modeled in MOI3D, light & rendered in Softimage / Redshift.
Raw renders directly from Redshift & Softimage.
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Oh this is really nice... my Job cited as a talented use of ICE and Alembic combination. Thanks Exocortex!
The reference is on bottom of article with video, but clicking on vimeo link you can see the full credits.
Vimeo link:
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