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RP INFO FOR MY BLEACH OC- It's kinda long...
name: Yuuki Tsukino 

age: (appearance is near early 20’s) As old as Byakuya

race: soul 

birthday: December 15 

height: 4'12 

occupation: soul reaper 

rank: 3rd seat 

squad: 9

partner: Rukia Kuchiki 

relatives: Chiyoye Tsukino (mother, deceased) 

Kioshi Tsukino ( older brother, deceased) 

Akari Tsukino (younger sister, alive) 

appearance: Yuuki is small and has long red hair and brown eyes. Several strands of hair hang in her face, and has bangs on the left side of the stands of hair. She wears a standard shihakusho, the sleeves go to her elbows. She has her zanpakuto strapped to her back and wears white fingerless gloves she had gotten from the world of the living. A charm is tied to the hilt of the zanpakuto given to her by her younger sister, Akari. 

Personality: She hides personal troubles from her friends and family, and often forces a smile instead of sheding tears. She is modest, and is loyal to her squad members like a knight to his king. Her cool and lone demeanor o often forces her to hide her personal troubles, even from her friends. As said from her sister, she hardly ever opens up her heart even to her friends. 

  Bio: Yuuki had a hard life with her mother, being raised in the Rukongai district. She was the one that helped her older brother with getting food and taking care of their sick mother. Yuuki basically raised herself, and helped her baby sister Akari due to her mother being ill. Soon enough, their mother had left them at a very young age, and they all decided they wanted to be soul reapers years after. Yuuki had met the Kuchiki clan, since her mother had noble blood. She had met Byakuya Kuchiki, and they grew up together and went to the Shinō Academy together.  When joining, she was offered a 3rd seat position which she kindly offered. She has the full potential power of a captain, but has never ranked up since she joined. 

  Several years later, her older brother Kioshi died in the battle with the bounts (yes the filler in the anime; problem?), and had left his younger sisters behind. Yuuki then had serious depression, but always hid it with a soft happy smile. She up to this days screams her heart out when she was alone, but always laughed and smiled in front of her friends. She was good friends with Rukia and Rangiku, along with Ichigo and his group. She has not gotten over her brother's death, because the arrancars kidnapped her and took her reiatsu, and made her watch her brother as the tortured him. She couldn't get that out of her head, and has kept her troubles a secret. Yuuki enjoys many things, but she absolutely hates coffee. She thinks it is a rather disgusting drink the world of the living has made. She enjoys her sister's company along with her friends, and she would give her self up just to let them live longer. She loves puppies and would do anything to pet one.

Zanpakuto shikai release: eat their souls, Akuma! (demon)
 type: Kidō, projectile-type, fire

 abilities/ appearance Akuma can transform into fire and manipulate it at free will (very similar to Byakuya's shikai). 

shikai attacks:

  Burn: It forms a sphere around the enemy and burns them

cry: The zanpakuto releases a loud evil sound that can affect you physically and can kill those low of spiritual pressure

Zanpakuto bankai release: Prepare to burn and devour, Honō no akuma! (demon of flames)

abilities: Honō no Akuma's bankai changes Yuuki entirely: Yuuki's hair turns into a moon white color and blood red eyes. Her shihakusho turns into a dress that goes to her ankles and is torn at each side up to her hips (kind of like a Chinese dress). Her hair is up in a pony tail, and wings of fire are on her back.

bankai attacks:

Devour: It traps the enemy with fire and demons are created. They will eat this person's soul if the owner allows. If not, it eats/drains their spiritual pressure and all abilities with using reiatsu

Torture: Yuuki summons all of the souls Akuma ate and they take the physical form of friends; comrades, or family they care for. They torture the enemy until they can't handle it and commit suicide.

1.No hentai pictures. No hentai on roleplay statuses. If you think your roleplay will lead to smut, take it in the chat box.  
2.Please be respectful to others
3..Do not steal OC's 
4.Do not post hate statuses against someone in the group
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6. PLEASE HAVE ROLEPLAY INFO POSTED!!! If you do not then you will be requested to leave the group.
7. No spam or trolling. If you are a troll or if you spam, you will be blocked from the community.
8. Post your roleplay info in the squad your OC/character is in.
9.If there is more than one rank (for example, two captains) in one squad, you will be asked to change rank. This applies to OCs only. If you replace ranks of the actual characters, such as being a captain of squad 6 instead of Byakuya, then you will be asked to rank down. (YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE ACTUAL BLEACH CHARACTER'S RANK!!)
10. Please do as asked in the rules.
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