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looking for mods for this community if you want to be one tell me down below


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Name Yuuki
Appearance age: 17
Status: Ordinary High School Student
Birthday: January 14th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Related: Family died in a terrible accident
Eve/servamp: Eve
Side: Good ((Servamp))
Likes: Music, dark places
Dislikes: Bullies, people who stab him in the back
Personality: He's a good person but he likes to keep to himself.
Bio:Yuuki is an ordinary high school student who likes to keep to himself. When he was a kid, his family was killed right in front of him by some thugs who broke into his house. As he watched the thugs kill his parents, something snapped inside him and he killed the thugs with nothing but a knife he got from the kitchen. He now lives by himself and goes to high school, but he doesn't have any freinds and he doesn't like talking about his past. 

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Name: Kokona (the twentieth servamp)
Age: 20
Date of birth: 23.7 Leo
Gender Female
Related: related to Kuro and 7 more
Eve: Not at all
Speachial: Moment not
Page: natural
SERVANT: None at all
Bio: must write Rp to find out
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This is really old


Joy sits by herself on the roof of a old building there`s no joy to life....(open RP)

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Hi :)
Name: Ann Jay Nilsson
Age:16 soon to be 17
Status: Part timer as a fashion designer and second year at high school
Birthday: February
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Related: Family dead friends none atm
Servamp: None atm
Height: 150 cm or 4 feet 11
Personality: Kind on the outside but twisted if you get to know her better. Uses her phone a lot and is rarely seen without her headphones.
Looks. Black hair with few purple stripes. Two piercing on her left ear and one on her right ear and nose. Often uses hoodies and torn jeans on freetime but something more fashionable at work. Shoes are usually sneakers or something that makes her look taller.

Am i in? The picture is a sketch of her. Its not that good but I think you can figure it out :D

Ann Jay walks around searching for a cafe to get soda and relax after a tough day at work.

(Wanna rp? Im bored...)

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kawaii desu ><
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