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This infographic encourages teachers to try out 3 new things in Office 365 this academic year. I have done all three and encourage others to use O365. You will see an improvement in productivity, but more importantly, your students will enjoy learning more.

Hi, it doesn't look like this group has been used for a while - does anyone know of any other Office 365 communities or groups worth joining? Alternatively, can we reinvigorate this?

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Has anyone used  It seems like it could be a great resource for publishing OneNotes and other student created files online.

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New forms from MS Office 365. Formative assessment!!

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How to Use OneNote Like a World Famous Scientist

Charles Darwin’s love of note-taking would no doubt have made him a true lover of Microsoft OneNote. Here’s how he would have used the app to organize his work and move his research forward. We’ll even show you how you can use the app, too.

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Grab our latest eBook packed with tips and tricks to help you become a master of your Office 365 experience! 

Would love to see more activity in this community on Office 365.

I want to throw this out to the group before I send an Support request......

I am seeing in OneNote that Notebooks remain visible even after they have been deleted.  Is anyone else seeing this?  If so, have you found a way to get rid of these "ghost" notebooks?

If you are not certain as to what I am asking, create a Notebook, go to locations and delete it.  Even after some time for it to sync through OneDrive, click on the icon for the deleted notebook and you will get a 404 error.  Caution..... don't test this if you don't want to be haunted by the lingering notebook icon!  ;-)

To those of you who may have, are in the process of, or are planning to roll-out Office 365 for your District,  would you mind sharing your plan to do so.


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Here's a great 2 minute tutorial on a Linked Notes feature using "Dock to Desktop."  I didn't know this feature existed, but I love it!
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