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Represents a mirror promotion of the organization and its products, whereby the organization interacts with its external environment by several tools for each one of them their distinctive characteristics. Promotion and leads major function is to tell and convince and influence the current and potential consumers to adopt a positive attitude towards the promotional message and what you offer. 
If the public understanding of consumer promotional message in the same sense in which he meant the sender, the promotion will certainly have achieved his goal. 
Has been promotional tools known successful within the framework of marketing generalized, meaning targeting large markets, and now with the growing trend towards narrowing the size of the market segments targeted and the trend towards marketing individual (One to one Maketing), many of the organizations were quick to embrace a new way to promote a marketing direct, either as the main input or as a complement to other entrances. 
Through the above can ask the following questions: 
What is direct marketing? 
What is the importance of direct marketing for both the organization and the consumer? 
What are the different forms of direct marketing 
In order to answer these and other questions, I'll try it through the presentation of research and focus on the most important elements to be addressed. 

Entrance analysis of direct marketing. 
Has resulted in acceleration in marketing concepts, and the growth of consumer culture for customers to adopt the organizations for inter promotional tools that aim through which to connect to their environment Foreign Affairs and trying to influence consumers, these promotional tools saw are also several developments have led to the emergence of new elements in ways that modern always aim to achieve the main objective for promotional means. 

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