What is it which makes you think/believe that you are creative?

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Hi everyone, last week on my birthday I decided to give away my book "Digital Leadership" for free under a creative common license. People who are interested in social media, leadership and creativity love the book. To download a copy just go here: http://digioh.com/em/8356/26383/kuynd48qtn

There is no registration needed to download a copy. 

I hope you find the book inspiring. 

Cheers Sofie  

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Playing with Prisms to create cheap effects on a camera.

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This week's creativity kick-start is about listening to new music to get creativity movin' and shakin'. While your trusty library of tunes may be great, new music can infuse fresh energy into your creative attitude and spark new ideas. What are you listening to?   #creativitykickstart   #music  

helllo i need more education how to creat blog

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"The evolution of man to what we are today as we are not men but purely numbers in the observation of time."

"Barcode Evolution" by Richard George Davis on [CREATIV].

SEE MORE ILLUSTRATIONS ->>> http://goo.gl/z1rPGG

#iamacreativ #thecreativmovement

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Your opinion matters. Join the conversation on Twitter for a chance to win a FREE "I Am A [CREATIV]" bracelet! #iamacreativ #thecreativmovement #changetheworld

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Hello, I am Sofie a Swedish Londoner and I've just written a book called Digital Leadership - my take on it is that Digital Leaders are Creative Leaders. I am a professional speaker and I speak about social media, creativity and leadership - plus that I lecture in digital marketing for MBA students in London. 

If you would like to download free sample of my book 'Digital Leadership' just sign up to my email list: http://eepurl.com/oSjz1 (I am not spamming you with too many newsletters) Next newsletter to be sent in the next couple of days.

Lets connect here on Google+ . 

Enjoy your weekend! Sofie x 

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Do you often suffer from the fear of failure and anxiety which affects your performance for practical examinations, tests or public performance activities?

In this brand new Creativeflowevolution video/blog post I reveal a visualization strategy which my mum taught me (when I was a teenager) to help me finally pass my driving test.  Here is the link to the video http://buff.ly/1hu4rJj

I have since refined this tool over the years to help me gain the strength and confidence for any public performance activity ~ for example boosting my confidence to perform better with examinations, speaking presentations and musical gigs with my band.

So I would like to have the opportunity to share with you this process. If you also subscribe to my website you can also get a free MP3 audio & mindmap for this powerful strategy.

Please share with anyone you feel will benefit from this process.

Keep creating what you love. Paul Grout
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