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Two post-card versions of Universal Truths, v2.0

Love The Person You're With
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Life-changing encounters with Jesus: Includes modern day encounters with Jesus via dreams, visions, visitations, near-death experiences, and other spiritually transformative experiences. 

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“In Love the Person You’re With, David Sunfellow has compiled a treasury of some of the most inspiring and profound excerpts from accounts of the many near-death experiences he has studied over a long career devoted to this astonishing phenomenon. The book is full of these gems of wisdom that together sparkle with the light of all the major facets of the NDE. I was particularly struck by the beginning section of the book, for example, which focuses on the lessons of the life review that will both astound and enlighten any reader who wants to know what these experiences have to teach all of us.

“However, this is not a book to be read straight through. Instead, it really deserves to be savored slowly so that these stories can sink in and be pondered. I myself had to read it that way to begin with. And now I am reading it again and try to start each day by reading just one story and reflecting on it. That way they can stay with me and make me more aware of what really matters in life -- everything, even the most seemingly insignificant act, when done with love.

“This is one jewel of a book, a real treasure, and I have been recommending it to everyone I know. For anyone who wants to learn what near-death experiences are all about, this is the book for you.”

-- Renowned near-death experience researcher Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., author of many prominent NDE books including “Lessons from the Light”

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Crossing Over & Coming Home: Twenty-One Authors Discuss The Gay Near-Death Experience As Spiritual Transformation Paperback
January 30, 2008
By Liz Dale Ph.D.

A pioneering study of the effects of NDEs (near-death experiences) on gay and lesbian survivors, Crossing Over dramatizes the inclusiveness of the spiritual world.

“Dr. Liz Dale's research into NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) among gays and lesbians is a timely and well-needed addition to gay/lesbian literature and to NDE research in general. Her empirical evidence is well-grounded by standard research methods of NDE experiences. The gay and lesbian NDE experiences were comparable to non-gay NDE experiences, i.e., there weren't any differences, or approval or disapproval of sexual orientation, on the other side. The message that did come through on all NDEs was the message of 'love'.”

-- Ron Grantz, Sacramento

Near-Death Experiences of Gays and Lesbians

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People who were atheists before a near-death experience caused them to abandon materialistic worldviews:

• Howard Storm
• Nancy Rynes
• Tom Sawyer
• Barbara Harris Whitfield
• George Rodonaia
• Arthur Yensen
• Beverly Brodsky
• Ian McCormack
• Roger Ebert
• Yolaine Stout
• Dannion Brinkley
• Julie Aubier
• Ned Dougherty
• Louis Famoso
• Don Brubaker
• Joni Maggi
• Kerry Kirk
• Duane S
• Janet
• Joel

• Atheist NDE Accounts Listed on the NDERF Website
• Atheist NDE Accounts Listed on the IANDS Website

“When I died on the operating table in January of 2014, I died an atheist and skeptic. I did not believe in God, nor did I believe in any way that my consciousness would continue after the death of my physical body. I thought the Creator and the afterlife were both quaint stories, but just stories with no truth to them. But in an instant, God, Spirit, the Divine, or whatever you want to call that Supreme Entity, called me home and embraced me with a love so profound that it still makes me weep. Me, an atheist. I didn’t believe, yet He welcomed me back home.

“And He made it clear through my Guide that He loves ALL OF US. There is not one of us that He does not love. There is not one of us who is not part of His creation. And He asked me and you to love everyone as part of that creation, everyone, because we are all connected to each other through Divine Love and Presence.”

— NDEr Nancy Rynes

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Life After Heaven:
How My Time in Heaven Can Transform Your Life on Earth
By Steven R. Musick, Paul J. Pastor

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