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1. No harassing other members. That's easy, just don't do it. If you're feeling harassed tag a moderator or owner. Please remember not everything a person says is meant to be harassment, do not tag someone over every little thing you find insulting.
It will be dealt with privately.

2. No stealing art or characters. You will be permanently banned.
If you find someone who has stolen an adopt please tag a moderator or owner. Don't harass them, stealing art isn't the end of the world.

3. Don't complain about prices or not being able to sell your art/adopts. Don't be rude and say everything is expensive. Don't pity yourself by claiming no one buys your stuff. Both are annoying things.

4. Don't switch when accepting offers. Please don't accept someone's offer and then switch to someone else's. If you already accepted one then that's it.

5. No spamming. After you spam 4 times you'll be banned.

6. You can advertise a community if you ask first. Let us know what kind of community it is, and we'll let you know.

7. Species adopts are allowed, but must be approved before. If your species isn't original then expect a moderator or owner to approve it. You need at least 2 moderators to approve it, and the species must have a background story and trait sheet.

8. No RPing in the community.

9. Do not use the community as a personal diary. If you have an opinion that is totally fine, but do not act like everyone here wants to read it. Don't constantly post your problems or feelings here.

10. Don't post NSFW or extreme gore. You can post it if you put a censor over it, like if it's for a commission. Some people here are kids and you know how G+ is.

11. Do not delete comments. No matter how dumb the comment may be, don't delete it. Just make a new post.

12. You may use bases. Just make sure to credit. If you need help crediting or can't find the base maker, ask someone to help.

13. No creator adopts. Unless you're giving them away for free, don't sell them here. Some creator sites do not allow that to happen, it's illegal or something.

14. No selling co-owned slots. That's kind of dumb. Don't sell a co-owned slot to people.Don't sell a co-owned character if you're not the main owner.

15. No revoking without reason. If you do not have a written agreement on the subject that the person agreed upon it's illegal and you will be banned. Revoking is dumb anyways.
Here's where you can read up on it:

16. Enjoy and have fun! Not really a rule but yeah. Have a fiesta.

Moderator Rules:
. Don't abuse your power.
. Don't block members. Members don't block moderators or the owner.
. If you aren't a active or generally helpful moderator you will be demoted. Sorry.
. Only moderators can approve species.

That's probably it! If you have a question or rule you want to discuss please ask and I'll do my best to answer them.

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$25/2.5k points each, fcfs, both are cinnadogs
both have more art

they were both originally $35 but i kinda need money by the 14th

+Sickly Cactus
+Melon Maiden
+Neroo TM
+Dominic maybe?? you don't gotta keep them as cinnas
+ch - urrizo

i think you guys were interested
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im going to a panic! concert on the 16th so uh
cinnadogs (tent on rigormortis)
plant ponies
ufohouse made ocs
plant-dog made ocs
and an oc who has a plushie

most of them have more art, ask to see it if you want

$$/ points > dreamies ( and > hq designs (mostly looking for canine + felines) > cs (mostly looking for birdfolk)

art is add-on only, unless i'm a fan of your designs i'm not interested in customs

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Anyone want any of these ocs I made when I was younger

Please know I redrew SOME of them the rest are from 2016
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comment on original so i can stay organized please!
opta/ota !

please don't offer lower than 50 points each
1 2 3
4 5 6

2's nfs, though

(also please be patient with replies, I'm a third party seller rn)

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Comment on original pls

Soon to be Pinned Post

Alright..because I need these commissions so badly I’ll pin them on my page

Now mainly my deviantart page has all the prices and stuff

So go check it out
Is my user name and I’ll just post some example art on here in case you want me to draw you something

BTW the prices are SUPER cheap as they range from 5-20 points

I hope you’re interested in my artwork
My prices:
So I’m taking up commissions and what not because a small artist has to start somewhere the full details to my commissions are on my DA page as in iLlamaQueen

I hope you’ll buy one just so I can practice my art skills a little more

Edit: here are my prices

Waist up: 10 points
Neck to head: 5 points
Group photos: 10 points
With three or more people: 15 points

Waist up: 12 points
Neck up: 7 points
Group photo: 15 points
Three or more: 20 points

Extras(you pick): depends
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I just couldn't get attached to him, at all + I feel bad about it

he's a ufohouse made character, so i'm mostly looking for swaps
if points / $ alone, nothing under 2.5k / $25

I got them in a trade from +Koiru if anyone needs to know
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spring cleaning!
ota/opta on them!!

points and paypal are highly prefered
points / paypal > things from my wishlists > character trades > anything else
i don't accept customs
art is add on only
I no longer do payment plans.

most have more art!!

Cinnadogs - Closed Species
Onisheep - Closed Species
Plant Ponies - Closed Species
Ferals - cats/dogs (includes plant-dog design)
Furries - dogs/cats/foxes
Ponies - Bat, Earth, and Kirin
Dutch Angel Dragons

+ɖǟɛʍօռ ʋɨӼɛռ (for Dahvie)
+brodie doo (for Tess)
+Alice (bc you might like someone)

there was someone else who was interested in Salem but i forgot who

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Please give me ocs to draw
Drawing first 5 comments, mlp Ocs :)

Bored and need to improve
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