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Scene size-up and Assessment

Scene size-up and assessment are the first steps taken during every EMS response. These steps ensure EMS crew, patient and bystanders safety. The assessment of the scene and setting offers key info of the situation. The priorities in scene size up and assessment include:
- Determining nature of call
- Determine accurate number of patients in need of help
- Assess for obvious Hazards
- Initiate mass casualty plan as needed
- Notify dispatch of additional resources needed
- Secure the scene
- Begin triage if needed

Even scenes that appear safe may not be! EMS should never enter a potentially dangerous scene until you are sure it is safe to do so.
We have been taught the importance of safety repeatedly and it is very important to verbalize this at every practical station; the examiners want to make sure you understand the importance in this order:
1. BSI
2. Scene Safety
3. Mechanism of illness/injury
4. Number of Patients
5. Request additional resources as needed

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Duty To Act  

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Dr. Red Duke remembered, from writer/producer Jim Becka (Licensed paramedic)

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Lesson 3 - Circulatory System

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Lesson 2 - Circulatory System

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Lesson 1 - Anatomical Terms

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As a writer/producer for a medical network, educator, and street medic since 1980, I would like to offer the materials free. 

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