I had success with the connections chart. I feel that it makes it much easier for Kindergarten to understand and remember a concept if you they can relate it to their own life situations. Knowing that they have experienced it helps them grasps and focus better on the understanding behind what is going on.
Being able to take it one step further and also incorporate how we have seen it, used it or heard about it around the world also helps them make a connection. By them making a connection it is much easier to go back a few days later and bring up the topic by one of their connections to get them in the zone to think about the focus of our story. It makes their eyes light up when they can relate somehow in someway to what we are reading.

The Connections Chart that I used with a group of students worked so well! Many times when we talk about connections the students cannot tell me much other than an example in the story and how it related to themselves. When given the Connections Chart we talked about the different connections we can have. While reading a frog life cycle book the students were able to stop, pick a specific connection, and relate. Students were relating the book to another text with animal life cycles that they have read. Another student came up with a text-self connection talking about how his mother had a baby (the changes the baby went through/human life cycle).
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