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Ring Name: Chris Guerrero
Name: Christopher Angel Guerrero
Age: 27
Signature: Frog Splash (Adopted from Eddie)
Finisher: Electric Chair
Friends: Mibella
From: El Paso, Texas
Side: Heel
Family: The Guerreros
Theme: Vampirella
Girlfriend: None
Twitter: @ChrisA_Guerrero
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[Title: Moment of Truth]
[Closed to: +Random Hero​]

Alex was in his car, driving to Brittany's house to drive to the church where friends and family wait for them. He pulled up at her house and took a deep breath, knowing that it'll be the most important day of his life. He slowly approached the door and knocked on it.

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Name: Adrian Arcuri
Ring Name: Bryce Jackson
Age: 25

From: Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210lbs.

•Death Valley driver
•Double knee backbreaker
•Double underhook piledriver
•Springboard moonsault
•Front sleeper hold
•German suplex
•Inverted powerslam
•Knee drop
•Running knee strike
•Running triangle choke

If (Stunner)
Cries In Vain (Belly-to-back inverted mat slam)
It Ends Tonight (Diving double foot stomp)

Sober (Rear naked choke)
Drain You (Ankle lock)
Expressionless (Bridging arm triangle choke)

Friends: ...
Enemies: ...
Theme: "Last Resort" by Papa Roach

Side: Tweener
Social Media: *does not use it*
Family: Lola Pacini (sister)
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Name: Alexis Kaufman
Ring Name: Alexa Bliss
Age: 25

From: Orlando, Florida
Weight: 102lbs.
Height: 5'1"

Insault to Injury
•Chokehold STO
•Diving somersault evasion
•Modified neck wrench
•Over the shoulder arm drag
•Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown

Twisted Bliss
•Snap DDT

Friends: ...
Enemies: ...
Relationship: Single

Theme: "Spiteful" by CFO$
Side: Heel
Twitter: *@AlexaBliss_WWE*
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[Basic Information]
Name: Johnny Blade
Real Name: John Beverly

•British Nightmare
•King of the Wrestling Ring
•Spikey John

From: Lewisham, London, England
Birthday: May 10, 1992 (aged 25)

[Physical Appearence]
Weight: 225lbs (102kg)
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)

Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dyed black
Occasionally paints his nails black


Simple Plan [Military press slam]
Konstantine [Body avalanche]
Down [Repeated stomps to the back]

Christie Road [Spin-out sitout powerbomb]
Throne [Forward somersault cutter]
The Lights [Corkscrew moonsault]

With Myself [Mandible claw]
Doubt [Anaconda vise]
Walk Away [Sharpshooter]
Stronger [Camel clutch]

[Relationships With Other Wrestlers]

•Rarely has any due to his personality being negative.

•Is a common target backstage for having many.

{Romantic Interest}
•Does not have one at the moment.


Theme: "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns n' Roses {current}

Side: Heel

_Does not have any social media accounts, and prefers not to even make an account._
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Name: Amanda Arcuri
Ring Name: Lola Pacini
Age: 22

Weight: 105lbs.
Heighylt: 4'11"
From: Toronto, Canada

-Shooting star press
-540 Kick
-450 Splash
-Double underhook DDT
-Tornado DDT

Game Over (Elevated double chickenwing facebuster)
Lola-Attack (Multiple kicks to the chest)
The Lola Special (Swinging Reverse STO)

All The Time In The World (Armbar)
Lolapop (Sleeper hold)
Mission Impossible (Octopus hold)

Theme: "Bubblegum Bitch" by Marina and The Diamonds
Friends: ...
Enemies: ...

Side: Tweener
Twitter: *@RealLolaPacini*
Family: Bryce Jackson (brother)
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Zoe Irwin is walking around backstage when
( +Random Hero​ )
sorry I don't have the picture

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Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are in their locker room, sitting in the bench talking with each other when...

((Open RP))

[Title: Miracles do happen]

[Closed to: +diaryofangelsTM​]

Alex is with Brittany at the shop to buy clothes for their wedding, since they're engaged. He had arranged everything and in a few weeks is the wedding, now they look around in the shop and he smiled softly, being already excited for the wedding.

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[[The Aerial AssassinHas Arrived]]
William Ospreay Or Will Ospreay was walking around backstage with his bags his arrival here will be no shortage of awesomeness Someone then saw him...
((Open Rp))
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