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Name: Zero the Hero
Age: 16
Species: legendary Foxhog
about me: im the Leader of The Zero Team

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Name: Miley "Taiya" Prower
Species: Fox
Age: 12
Abilitys: Flight, Using Ki, Vore
Forms: Super, Hyper, Ultima.

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Name: The Fuzzlord.
Species: Half Timelord, Quarter Hedgehog, Quarter Saiyan
Age: 1,210
Abilitys: Using Ki, Flight, Super Speed, Super Strength.
Forms: Super, Hyper, Ultima, Kaio-ken, Perfect
Bio: "Hello, I'm the Fuzzlord. Basically, run. I know I ripped off the Doctor, but who cares? Not me! This is what, my 10th regeneration? Oh well, Who cares?
I'm like 1,200 years old now, I lost count at 1,000."

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((Fine, I'll bite.))

Name: "Darkness".

Age: Unknown, though he always appears as an angsty teenager of around 15-16 years of age.

Appearance: Darkness takes the appearance of a black furred mobian hedgehog with piercing red eyes which stand out. He has a total of twelve quills, all of which are slightly sticking up due to the fact that he is an embodiment of dark energy and negativity. Despite this fact, his fringe, which is made up of six bangs, stays flat down in accordance to gravity. He wears a simple dark grey trenchcoat which goes down to his knees, and underneath the right sleeve is a weird device which he created himself. Little is known about what it actually does.

Abilitys: Darkness can shift into anything he wants at all. He can morph himself almost instantly in the blink of an eye. Because of this, it's safe to say that he has no real forms, since they're infinite. Though his main preference seems to be that of a black hedgehog, the look he goes by almost everywhere.

Forms: Mobian Hedgehog, the only form he uses commonly. Besides this form, the rest are infinite and purely to do with what he wants.

Bio: Originating from the beginning of time, and given the powers of a god, Darkness was exactly what you probably think. The god of darkness. Though after many millenias of abusing power and doing what he wanted with his abilities, the other gods stripped him of most of his power, and cast him to Mobius where he was forced to stay for eternity. Despite everything, he is still able to access most of his actual powers, the gods not being able to completely revoke him of them...

Name: Pyro the Magma Fox
Age: 17
Species: Fox
Forms: Burning, Dark, Dark Burning
Abilities: Magma Punch, Flare Spear/Control (Red Emerald required) , Fireball, Telekinesis/Mind Control
Bio: Hmph... So you want to know? Very well... I am Pyro, a fox from Lava Reef Zone... I am quite good at playing flutes, especially a really old song I heard that supposedly brought joy to the land, and I always bring my Magma Flute with me. I am also good at wielding swords, and I have always taken my own with me mostly for self-defense...


Name:mimi hedgehog
Age: 11-12

Name: Solo The Hedgehog
Age: 20
Species: Hedgehog
Power: Electric, Fire, Invisibility

《 Season one Chapter one 》
《^》The Unknown Hero《^》
(Starts when its like 5-10 members)
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