Hello new here, any female subs care to rp? Preferred 2-3 lines, but is not necessary.)
You were visiting Gravity falls one summer with some friends, who heard of the rumour of Bill cipher. They had dared you to summon me and make a deal with me. You got all the necessary materials and, under the crescent moon in the silence of the forest, started the ritual.

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((Open role play))
((Oof weird concept I know.))
you were shoved into a small enclosure. The giants were upset. Mini populations had gone down extremely far and they resorted to mass breeding. You had been put into one of these enclosures with one one thing in mind; Find and successfully court a female. You didn't understand why exactly the giants wanted this so badly but.... They did. You trust them. After All, they're the ones that feed you. Luckily, the giants didn't make that too hard for you to find the only female in the enclosure.

Hello!! I just joined and was wondering if anyone would like to role play with me. I'm a female sub masochist.

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~{Character Profile}~

Quotes: "Tea is the drink that represents relaxation..."

"Yes, you can stroke my tail, but only once"

"Oh? My my, Flattery will get you nowhere with me"

"D-Don't touch my ears!"

Name: "Luna Kahnshi"

Age: "23 years old"

Species: "Wolf"

Sexuality: "I am straight. I am only attracted to men"

Likes: "I like to be tickled, hugs, tending to my garden, playing chess, and doing some yoga once in a while"

Dislikes: "I dislike people who have no manners. Rude or disrespectful people make me feel annoyed, but I just tend to ignore them anyway. I also do not like chocolate, garlic, or extremely loud noises"

Personality: "I am a light hearted woman, who loves to care for others and show them the way of tranquility and peace. I am normally alone, which does bother me sometimes, but I have learned that one does not always need company to be happy. I am very tolerant and kind when it comes to stressful or bothersome situations as well"

Sexual Weaknesses: "I...I do enjoy having my tail pulled and lots of dirty talk as we have a little 'fun'..."

Fetishes: "The only fetish I have is...a foot fetish. Yes, it is strange, but I hope that I may find someone who enjoys the same thing that I do..."

"I hope you enjoyed learning about how I am. Maybe we can meet up sometime and...enjoy each others company~"

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Hey guys! Looking for some RP partners! Anyone interested? I'm soft and loveable and up for... anything~ ♡
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Second starter of the week made, woot
[You'll never leave the water again]

Vela was an average young man from a port town, he grew up near the sea and just was enchanted by the thing. His favorite thing was to go out on the waves and swim, just letting the waves take him wherever they may and befriending a few of the local Sea Bisiops and married monsters as he grew up and basically having no fear of the monsters of the sea due to this. A few even tried to set him up with their daughters though he politely turned the offers down. There was one kind of monster this man never encountered in the bay of his town, the dangerous beasts known as the Mersharks

Once he was fully mature, the young man headed out on a large trading ship, eager to travel upon the beautiful waves and explore the world best he could while making a good living for himself. For about two years this dream of his was well and fulfilled. The young man's ability to speak with monsters on a fair basis proved invaluable many times throughout the journey he made. Making him one of the best known people on the ship.

This wonderful, dreamlike life all came crashing down one day however, when a large, seabound storm was headed the ship's way. With 20 foot crashing waves slamming down upon the ship's hull the entire thing was a chaotic mess. Vela was caught up in the middle of this all when a loud crack echoed throughout the air and the ship's main mast came crashing down in a flaming mess, smashing through the boat's hull and setting the boat on a course to Davy Jones's locker. While the rest of the crew was going aboard life boats in some hope of saving themselves a large shard of wood knocked Vela off and into the water, leaving a bleeding gash in his shoulder as he fell into the murky depths below
Y/N, was your average Mershark, aggressive to those who pissed her off, aggressive in the way she talked with her friends and aggressive in the way she hunted. Growing up in the deep seas, there was not much exposure to the ways of men and how they were. Just an instinct in her mind to see out a male and claim him as her own. One day while hunting for that knights dinner, the sounds of a storm brewing up on the surface drew Y/N's attention. As her mother always said to follow storms in hopes of claiming someone.

As she passively swam towards the storm, eager to find someone but seeing no reason to rush forward as the sailors would be stuck for a while anyways. Though when the scent of blood leaking out into the water reached Y/N's nose they kicked it into overdrive. Swimming full charge directly towards the origin of the scent. Y/N did not know what was going on here, but she felt as if someone was in great danger.

As she got closer, the sinking outline of Vela became clearer through the murky sea water. As this was finally her chance to claim someone for their own Y/N charged forward eagerly and caught Vela's unconscious and bleeding form in the water. His thick clothes preventing her scales from harming the man as Y/N swam forward, searching for a sea cave or something to keep him alive as Y/N played with him and decided how to go about seducing him to being hers.

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+Heriberto Irizarry​​
I was a young Glaceon, I was adventuring around the forrest when I was attacked by a trainer without Pokémon. You were in the forest when I walked infront of you whimpering a gash in my side bleeding heavily. I collapse in front of you
((Preferably human can be Pokémon))

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Lapse of Conduct

"Did you eat?"

He knew she was just being affectionate,

"Did you eat?"

And after several months working together he knew her asking if he'd eaten was her way of checking on him,

"Did... you... eat?"

But if she asked him one more time...

"I swear if you ask me if I've eaten one more time, Celena..."

...He was going to tear his. hair. out. 

         They were supposed to be working afterall, filling out paperwork after Celena—La Pantera as she was called—threw herself fist-long into a parking garage after the criminal they'd been after. Luckily, no one was inside, because that building crumbled like a house of cards. Still, it was damn annoying that she, the very reason they were stuck with this tedious task, was so intent to bail for food. 

"What'cha gonna do, eh? Throw me out the window? Because I've already been and I've gotta say the fall ain't so ba—"


"Whaaat? I'm huuungry, León!"

"No you're not. Just bored and intent on letting me do all the work. Picking up after you as always."

"Hmph." She couldn't argue with the truth, not logically anyway so she reverted a little, spinning quick irritated revolutions in her chair, arms crossed and a pout on her lips. The little swivels to and fro became exasperated circles as she leaned dangerously back and groaned at him. She wasn't acting single year of her age, and she was nine years his senior.

         Leon knew one thing: he sure as hell hadn't signed up for this when he agreed to hire and partner up with her. He would've thought his orders carried some weight given that he was her boss but he supposed he should've known she'd break whatever rule she pleased; or rather, she'd heed her own rules.
With her aroud, Athena Tech Tower had never been so lively.

"Finish one file at least?"
"Celena, please."
"Nnno, I can't work on an empty stomach."
"You only eat one meal a day, the majority of your time is spent on an empty stomach."
"But I'm hungry noooow."
"Then go eat something."
"But I want you to come with me. Sooo,"

Leon let out a long sigh at that last statement, looking dead ahead with fingers paused on the keyboard.

 He knew what was coming next.

"Celena don't."

Oh but that sly grin said the words before they even left her mouth.

"Have you eaten yet?"

That's it.

        Papers flew across the desk as Leon leapt from his chair after Celena, scattering with the wind be created. The panthress jumped away just seconds before, having anticipated the man might want to strangle her. 

        She grinned like a bandit as she lead him on a wild goose chase through the executive suite. If Leon hadn't been so angry he might've noticed how good her mileage was in her stilettos—which she rarely ever wore; the woman and her sneakers were inseparable. He had to bribe her to wear that skirt; even still he could see the athletic shorts she'd snuck under it as her legs took long strong strides. Oh she was 


        After several minutes of running, Celena finally managed to break Leon's line of sight. She dove into some indoor plants, crouching down behind the marble containers that lined their soil.

       As Leon rounded the corner he slowed his roll from a feverish sprint to a casual stroll into the space where he'd seen her last. His ochre eyes perused the perimeter for his red-skirt donning panthress. He sighed and adjusted his tie which was skewed from their chase. "Celena," He began, only to stop and act "natural" as a coworker passed him by. He didn't need the scandal bound to follow the reveal of their little midday shenanigans. He could already see company morale plummeting and shuddered at the thought; headlines reading about his strange habits, not to mention the odd relationship he shared with the woman he was searching for, his idol heroine from his academy days.

        As he shook these troubling thoughts from his head, the rustling of a few leaves caught his eye. He didn't let her know he'd seen her just yet. Instead he just kept walking, "Celena, this is childish." His tone was level, footsteps steady and constant.

Leon readied himself as he approached the indoor plant, arms outstretched to capture his runaway partner when she inevitably leapt from her hiding place.

Unfortunately, Celena's stomach growled.

And she peeked up at him to see if he'd heard.

Their eyes met for a hot second between blades of false green fern.

And like a spooked feline, she took off again.

      This time the lion stayed hot on her tail, intent on keeping her in his sights. Their laps around the executive branch were interrupted by walking stretches whenever another worker was encountered. Of course, they weren't completely inconspicuous. Some of Leon's employees caught onto the odd chemistry between him and his partner. Some of the higher executives actively shipped them together. Surely there was a running bet in the breakroom over whether or not the two of them would end up getting into something serious. 

        Despite the rumors, Celena and Leon did a decent job of hiding their playful relationship, or at least were covert enough to avoid complete exposure. As if the reporters needed anything more to feed on. HeroTV would have an absolute field day and they couldn't have that. 

        Back to the chase. Celena came careening around one last corner, sliding down a narrow hallway only to skid to a halt before a thick mahogany door. She groaned quietly to herself as her eyes traced the name embroidered on the little placard to her right. Then she turned on her heels to the man walking behind her. Her look was the perfect mix of childish guilt and devious intent as she braced against the door to that office— his office.

        Leon smirked and took his time moseying on down the familiar path, the keys to his suite jingling around his finger. He didn't have to say a word, but he wanted her to know he'd be reaping his revenge shortly, "Caught you." He chimed, bassy voice bridging the shortening gap between them to send shivers down her spine. 

      Celena started as he placed a palm on the surface beside her head. The sound of timbers clicking sent a jolt through her. Before she knew it she was being pushed into his office.

"Need I remind you of what happened the last time I... devoured you?" He muttered, taking on a subdued yet foreboding tone as he turned to lock the door.

"Oh but you wouldn't do that in the office, would you?" Her sarcasm revealed her disbelief, turning her head to give him the suspicious side eye. Leon was usually so strict and prim and proper; she didn't take him for an exhibitionist but when he didn't reply she got a little nervous. He had her full attention, and her body language showed it now that her head turned toward him, eyes wide and focused. 
"...Would you?" She asked again, this time with less confidence, sincere uncertainty seeping in. Leon stepped into her, a leg wedged between her own, firm grip on her waist forcing her to fold until her shoulderblades met the wall. His hands were wandering, southbound as they smoothed over her lower back. The sound of his knuckles rolling against the wall behind her rumbled up her spine. Her neck moved as she swallowed a growing lump of anticipation. "I-I mean this skirt is new and I..." Her eyes fell with her voice as she tried to keep an eye on his tricky fingers. Leon threatened to enter the garment in question. And Celena full-on whined in response. 

       As he tugged harder and harder at the waistband, it became abundantly clear that Leon wasn't afraid to ruin the strip of black fabric nor the shorts underneath. Well, Celena sure was.

"W-W-W-Wait! We're in your office! Th-the windows...Someone could come looking at any moment!"

"But you see Celena," He mused, smiling as he tasted her sweet words on his tongue, coming back to bite her.

"I haven't eaten yet."

((• This Rp is based on the anime series Tiger and Bunny but I've provided enough information here for you to participate even if you haven't watched/read it. 

 That said, parameters stand:

• Please be descriptive. I don't like to set line limits but they do serve a purpose. My minimum is seven lines. I'm only strict about the first few replies usually so if you fall off from time to time I'm not likely to immediately abandon; just don't make a habit out of it.

• Proper grammar is expected but I'm no grammar nazi; let's just say that if I can't understand you I can't reply~

No. Text. Talk.

• The genre for this one is romance and erotica. Smut is my forte afterall if you know me. There will be mature content. You have been warned.

• Your mission is, should you choose to accept it, to play the role of Leon Ari, head of Athena Enterprises. I will play the role of Celena Montoya-Pantheras. I know people tend to hate pre-made roles so your character's appearance, personality, etc. are by no means set in stone. You may change Leon to suit your fancy within reason but alert me to changes that you make so I'm not lead to believe you misread something.

• I do love surprises so don't hesitate to throw a curve ball at me every now and again.

((As always thank you for reading. I will repost upon request. ))

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Rumor Has It

Welcome to Sternbuild, a futuristic megacity in which humans and NEXTs live side-by-side in harmony--in harmony--in harmony--in har...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. 


       I think we all know how this story ends. A certain portion of the population is born with supernatural gifts of varying degrees. At first all of them are treated like outcasts, freaks, lab rats ready to fuel the next leaps and bounds in medicine...that is after the entirety of their genomes are sequenced—talk about a major invasion of privacy. 

      Of course, over time society progresses and NEXT powers become normalized as new minorities often are. Some continue their lives as "normal" people, while others are marginalized despite the equality dictated by the systems in place, and yet another great few are put upon literal pedestals for all the lovely little townsfolk to gawk at. They perform and live the high-strung lives of celebrities. These wonderful specimen are given the title "hero" and they fight crime—well, that's what they would have you believe. 

      You see, these "heroes" are funded--owned really--by one of the six major companies that monopolize Sternbuild: Apollon Media, Helios Energy, Posiedon Line, Titan Industries, Kronos Foods, and Helperides Finance. The popularity of these heroes brings each of their companies quite the bounty. 

     How is popularity ranked? Well, Apollon Media hosts a news network and one of their segments features the crime-busting exploits of their employees. Although the crimes tend to arise on their own, the drama that follows is anything but authentic. 

      A fair number of these chase scenes are at the very least "embellished" with hero coordination and quite a bit of bad acting. The heroes are given points based on their performance; that is, people saved, criminals apprehended and what have you. Rest assured, product placement is everywhere.

Why explain all this? Background of course. And now that we're all on the same page, the real story can begin.

There were seven major companies several years ago. 

TopMag went out of business and paved the way for the sole iconic hero duo of all time to form: Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr., a.k.a. Tiger and Bunny. 

        We're now one hero rotation beyond their retirement. A few youngsters, now seniors, remain as veteran heroes. But for the most part, Sternbuild's collective  hero division has fresh blood running through its veins.

        A hero duo wasn't all that TopMag created. A major power vacuum was left in its absence, one filled by a young company working against the odds. Though subject to much probation by the old powers, Athena Tech rose to fill the seventh space, banking on its broad-reaching popularity and universal appeal to rise to the top. It was a refreshing change of pace.

         The enterprise's head is a hero himself, following in the footsteps of Fire Emblem, CEO of Helios Energy. This man by the name Leon Ari, or Jungle King as he was known to the TV sets, is in his prime as heroes go, age twenty-five with ten more years in the bank. 

       You see, like a big-time quarterback, most heroes don't work past age forty. Thirty-five's the veteran mark. Heroes like Wild Tiger are an anomaly, coasting we'll into their forties on the love of their fans. Most corporate overlords care only for one thing: points. You'd better be top of the leader board, the king of heroes, if you expect to last so long past your prime.

       Leon is the current King, living up to his title and alias well. His reputation is flawless, record spotless, with a private life you could eat off of. He acts well for the cameras, and quickly became a crowd favorite as he stands now. And for his efforts, his company prospers. Afterall, everyone wants to buy his electronics and to "join the Lion pride."

But this isn't his story.

This is the story of his inspiration. 

Of a small-time hero past her prime who proudly stood representative of a failing company.

A woman who cared more for true justice than for what would raise ratings highest.

A woman who would come to be his partner in heroics, legal Bonnie to his Clyde. 

Ah, if only he'd known that when they met.

        I mean, Celena Montoya-Pantheras isn't the most agreeable person in the world to begin with. And after being fired from her fifteen-year position and moved whole-sale with the rest of the company's assets, it's safe to say that most people wouldn't be happy. 

It's just that Celena was vocal about her displeasure.

Very vocal.

At times not even in English. 

       She stomped into his office after telling the director of the Athena hero division to take his contract and, to put it politely, shove it so far up her ass she could read the letters behind her eyes—and that's being incredibly PG.

"And who the hell do you think you are, eh? Having me bussed all the way here without so much as a word to me what was going on. As far as I knew I was being fired, gone, va moosed, for good. And yet here I am, after one of your drivers nearly gave me a heart-attack, black Cadillac with tinted windows, I thought I was gonna be interrogated at the bureau of justice not come here to play second banana to the newbie of the year. I can't believe this shit, pueden besarme cu—"

"Ms. Pantheras,..." The mix of familiarity and gravity in his voice was enough to pause her little tirade, her ears piqued toward the man sitting in the leather chair before her. The fabric hissed as he swiveled to face her, fingers interlocked so that she could only stare into his eyes. It was a psychological powermove, an assertion of dominance to keep her in-check and it worked...for the moment. Okay, "in-check" is a stretch, but she was quiet...at least.

           Leon drew a long breath that gave way to a langurous sigh as he spoke, "I apologize on part of the ambiguity of my associates, Ms. Pantheras; it was not my intent to scare you."

          Of course, she took this as a jab at her pride and stumbled to defend herself. "I...I wasn't scared I just—"
Celena couldn't believe how disarming this man was in person. Up on stage, when he was the big King of heroes, he played a completely different part; he was charismatic, seemingly cocky, overconfident with a huge dramatic presence...Well, he still had a dramatic presence it was just...muted? Or reserved rather, with a somber tone that demanded power instead of displaying it. Celena had never met "Mr. Ari" the business leader, only the façade he put on for the cameras. Needless to say, the panthress had mixed feelings towards his reveal and its circumstances.

"Anyway, Athena Tech has extended its hand to your company and has agreed to take on its debts in a merger. Apollon Media would not see a veteran hero left out to dry so you were sent here, to act under my hero division, so that you might continue your career." Leon extended his hand to his left and the director crossed the room quickly to hand him the contract; the same one Celena had so boldly threatened to destroy. Broad, gold-adorned fingers smoothed the paper across the polished mahogany, an expensive-looking fountain pen looming in the other hand. Panthera swallowed heavily; maybe his associates didn't scare her, but the big boss sure did. The air he carried was more like that of a mob boss than a Tech CEO and Celena found it both captivating and unsettling.

"Ms. Pantheras," The attenuated boom of his voice brought Celena out of her analysis. "It would be in your best interests to sign here. Your previous salary has been accounted for and arrangements have been made for your equipment including your suit and the like. It's unlikely you'll find a better deal elsewhere."

         He extended the pen to her, slowly; it was a quiet invitation to approach his desk. Celena hesitated, sneakers squeaking uneasily against the floor as she crossed the room. Without breaking his gaze she plucked the pen from his fingers. There was a palpable tension in the air as she leaned down to sign it, a carnal clashing of pride lighting sparks in the air before her pen met the paper. If only the fans knew what it actually meant to join the Lion Pride. Celena couldn't help but feel this was an act of submission, an admission of defeat. After skimming the document, however, she couldn't deny the benefits she'd reap. So, her name was scrawled across that dotted line in black ink; a sealed fate, Faustian 'tract with the devil in her visage. How did she know? A gut feeling. Things were going too well,

And she hadn't read the fine print.

"Welcome to Athena Enterprises, Ms. Pantheras. It's a pleasure to have you." He said these words lacking all jovial emotional input, and instead sounding as though he were reading off a script; expressionless, all-but emotionless. "If you'll follow the director she'll show you to your division and new quarters."

       Celena nodded and waltzed out of the room after the director. He could hear the panthress meekly apologize to the woman for her earlier behavior as they ventured further down the executive hallway.

       The lion signed and leaned back into his chair, three fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. 

That was stressful. 


Meeting your childhood idol is never easy.

He wondered what she thought of him now, if she even remembered him that is. 

The CEO slid back into his chair while his mind slipped into the distant past...

         _I was sixteen when I met her. Still a kid and a sophomore at the Hero's Academy but she consolidated my future as a hero more than any lecture or passing grade._

        She appeared during an incident in the middle of my second year. Some crook had the nerve to threaten the school, planning to abduct and perhaps brainwash the budding heroes to become quite the opposite. Needless to say I was terrified, even going so far as to separate from my class to hide on my own. I knew the halls well enough but the perpetrators seemed to know it too. They were patrolling the unsettlingly empty walkways, opening classrooms one by one. I was in the custodial closet across the hall. I saw my classroom door burst open through the cracks in the hinges, saw my teacher thrown aside before the students, my peers, were led out single file and trembling to some uncertain fate. 

My heart hammered harder against my chest as I stood, glued to the door frame.

They were taking my friends.

My breathing shaky,

They were taking my teacher.

Palms sweaty,

I had to do something.

         _I drew what little courage I had and placed my moist palm on the door knob, ready to face the threat alone and most likely fair miserably given my inexperience. I was hoping to cause a riot if I could do nothing else, to inspire my friends to fight for their freedom and perhaps win by sheer force of number._ 

But a hand gripped my shoulder, 

I'm dead...

And pulled my frozen form from the door towards their chest

I'm gonna die before I even get the chance...

Claws scraped my skin and I knew I was done for, so I shut my eyes tight. And when I opened them,

To play hero...

         _A sight I will never forget. Those infamously high-gloss black lips quirked into a proud grin. How long had she been there? Long enough to know I was about to carry out a suicide mission I supposed, from the odd sense of pride she seemed to hold for me._ 

It was La Pantera.

         _She stood perhaps an inch taller but to me, she was larger than life just as she was on HeroTV. The darkness of the broom closet shrouded all but her face and the burning hot orange of her eyes from view. She was so intense! The television didn't do her aura justice in the slightest. I mean her presence alone had me floored And when she spoke..._

"Hey future hero."

Again my heart jumped but this time out of a very different fear. A fear,

 _"What do you say we tag-team these crooks?"_

Of letting such an amazing figure, my idol, down. 

I shook off my stupor as best I could and replied with as steady a voice I could manage.

"Y-Yes ma'am."

         _She smiled at the formality and I felt my teenage knees turn to goo, my head full of cotton fluff and pubescent nonsense. It only got worse when she reached out to ruffle my then-short curly hair._

"Good boy. On my mark..."



         _She hit all-new heights on HeroTV that day, reaping points in numbers not seen by any hero before. I can still hear the announcer's voice as she lead us out of that building, her arm around my shoulders._

"My, my what is this? It seems that La Pantera has infiltrated the school and is taking the gang down from the inside with the help of the students! What a feat of tactical heroism and we should expect nothing less from the smooth, sly and oh so cool Panthress. And what a great score! 500 pts for apprehension of the criminals and another 200+ for creativity. She'll sure to be climbing the leader board after this display."

"You did WHAT to my suit!"

Leon was pulled out his reverie by the booming voice of the woman in question. Without much thought he stood and headed off in her direction to see what was wrong now.

Leon supposed it was a sign you were getting older when you grow resistant to change. 

"WHY is it so skimpy?"

Then again, Celena struck him as the sentimental type so this might just be her. 

         When he got there, his eyes were met by a rather frazzled looking director, a cowering product developer and a fiery woman standing atop the wreckage. This time her tirade didn't end simply because he met her stare. Oh no, her eyes flashed right back into his own, asserting dominance despite her shorter stature.

"How dare you change my image like this! I mean wedge heels? How am I supposed to fight in—"
"Those heels are purely aesthetic. If you took a moment to listen to Dr. Takeuchi's explanation, you would've known that. The true heel is much lower and concealed inside the boot, something akin to the power-lifting shoes you're wearing now."
"Oh...Okay, but why heels anyway? Nike is one of my sponsors! These seem so...dressy. And what's with all the black leather?"
"Was one of your sponsors." The director interjected timidly.
"Excuse me?"
To the director's delight, Leon stepped in to save her. 
"Yes, she's right. Your new sponsors are now: Puma, Fenty Beauty, and Victoria's Secret."

There was a long pause. The lighting of a figurative fuse,

"Victoria's. Secret?"

A fuse that Leon quickly put out.

"Look, if you have a problem with that, we can always doc the amount of money they'd pay from your salar—"
"Th-that won't be necessary."

          Leon grinned smugly in triumph, rocking forward onto the balls of his feet as he grew accustomed to playing her little game; he drew an indescribeable satisfaction from the way she reacted when he pushed her buttons. And though he couldn't put his finger on why just yet, he liked the way it felt to disarm her.

"Good, now if you'd do us the honor of trying it on? I trust Dr. Takeuchi put a great deal of time into making your suit as she did mine."

         Celena took a lingering glance at the catsuit beyond the glass, making an uneasy sound with her brow furrowed in apprehension, like a child being pushed to do something they don't want to. Sure her last suit left little to the imagination but it covered everything. Besides, the last one had to be skin tight so she could move; it's elastic revealing nature served a purpose. With this, there was so much mesh...Would she even be clothed?


It's for the sponsors, she told herself.

        It slid on surprisingly well. And the leather was made breathable with the mesh lining running against her skin as opposed to the hide itself. She was pleased with the product.

But the fit?

        Celena pursed her lower lip as she caught sight of her legs in the dressing-room mirror. They were thick and muscular, and she was proud of that...

 They just couldn't be called feminine. 

       At least, not like those of the ultra-femme heroine popstar Blue Rose and definitely not like the incredibly slender ones of the Victoria's Secret models she was supposed to represent. It made her even more self-conscious to display them like this. Yes, she didn't quite approve of her sponsors but she had to make a living and that meant appeasing the mainstream fashion designers and their ideals. Despite how she might've seemed given her earlier actions Celena liked to please. She just didn't know if she could do that for Victoria's as she had done so easily for Nike.

       She was just running her fingers over her legs one last time when there was a knock on the door. A soft voice called for her, "Ms. Pantheras, whenever you're ready." 

"O-Oh right. Be out in a second!"

The door slid open and she stepped out donning her new ensemble to find that the doctor had one more accoutrement to add. 

It's a small metal square when it's shown to her, with a glowing circle at its core. 

"What is..." Celena begins to ask as Takeuchi walks around her and sets the cold metal disc against her back, just above the base of her tailbone. "...THAT!" There's an unsettling hiss and a pinching sensation as the mech melds with her skin. It's alarming but otherwise harmless...she hoped.  

       Celena lunged forward and quickly put a protective hand over her back as though to prevent Takeuchi from making any more "changes". As her fingers brushed the interface, a port now, her whole body shuddered; she yanked her own hand away. 

"Damn..." She swore, this time out of surprise and not pain. It was sensitive as hell. The feline heroine settled for twisting and turning in an attempt to see her own back instead of physical investigation. 

"Couldn'tcha give me a warning before you go plugging things into my back? Geeze."
"Sorry." The scientist murmurs, clearly apologizing for the shock and not for the device itself.
"What is this thing anyway?"
"It's a sacral nervous port, for the cybernetic tail that is the final piece to your aresenal."
"Cybernetic tail?"

        The director cowers upon hearing Celena use that tone again, but in all honestly the panthress was just curious. Deep down she was a total biology buff and right now she was nerding out. No attempts were made to hide her interest, playing into it like a kitten after string.

        Dr. Takeuchi was pleased to say the least. She loved it when people were as excited about her work as she was; it was fun to knock their socks off in the end. With no delay the little woman produced the device, a long cat tail made of black metal and lined with glowing fascets like bowed tiger stripes.

"The underside provides grip and can withstand over five hundred times its own weight plus that of its wearer."
"Woah." Celena's honey-hued eyes lit up at the sight. Her hands already stretched out and flexing in a 'gimme' motion.
"Let me show you how it works. Now,"
Again, Dr. Takeuchi stepped behind her and this time Celena seemed more excited than wary.
"You may feel a slight pinch and a little bit of pressure."
Celena nodded and rocked on her heels. "Ready."

But she still wasn't ready. 

And that fact was made abundantly clear when she jolted and her legs gave out. 


Luckily, Leon was still lingering in the doorway and was there to catch her. 

But that didn't change the fact that she had full-on moaned into the four corners of that research room.

         The other two women in the room seemed to understand and attempted to play it off but Leon was rather clueless. . . Well, until the sound registered with him. . .and he made the connection between it and her blush. He made note of it to exploit later should she get rowdy but for now he let it slide. It would make for wonderful blackmail material.

"The port and its contact will be sensitive for a while until your body adjusts. Dr. Takeuchi has modified it so that the sensation isn't painful but it can be inconvenient, you'll want to keep your guard up about it for the time being."

        Celena, still absolutely mortified, could only nod, her fingers driven deeply into the fabric of his blazer...Shredding it given her suit's retractable claws were in effect. She quickly released him when she realized her mistake, apologizing profusely for the damage which Leon waved off; he had plenty of suits. 

        In that time, Takeuchi stepped away to take feverish notes, scribbling away at how Celena's emotional input played into the tail's motion and behavior. It streamed upright when shocked, fell when she was bashful and swayed too and fro as though expecting a threat or when nervous.

"Amazing. The system is functioning better than I could've hoped. The connection is flawless!"


         The tail's wearer had all but forgotten the device existed. She turned from Leon to see the cyber-appendage swaying at her back. With some thought she could control its movement, a little clumsily at first but with time she could see it become like another limb. Needless to say she was impressed. The panthress found herself repeating the doctor's words:


She bent over to observe it, eyes tracing its movement between her legs. 

"And you said it was part of my arsenal, right? So it has combat capabilities?"
"Step into the simulator, we'll show you what it can do." 

Celena grinned. Finally some excitement that wasn't stemming from the stress of losing a job. 

         The simulator set up a series of blocks and obstacles for her to traverse. Celena's grin broadened further. Unlike most heroes, the panthress didn't often travel in a car to get to the scene of a crime. She banked on an espionage-esque approach and cars were far too conspicuous; that meant spending a great deal of time running through Sternbuild's back alleyways and fire escapes. She was glad they hadn't changed that aspect of her persona; she loved to free run...Even if it made her dramatic entrances a little tardy.

"Whenever you're ready."

"Here we go-wo-woah!" Celena started off running but stumbled because her balance was off. 

She slowed down and turned on her heels back to the start. This tail would take some getting used to. She could see that.

But she was never one to take things slow. She went with her instincts,

       And straightened the tail out behind her, visualizing cat at the height of its stride. She evened out almost immediately and even managed to get airborne to grab a parallel pipe but when it came time to swing she didn't bring her tail in and thus didn't gain enough momentum to jump the gap before her. 

To put it shortly, she fell. 


       Well, more like hands and feet-first given her reflexes kicked in but still that was kind of embarrassing. Celena nearly felt the winces of the people behind that one-way glass. Still, she got up, brushed off some imaginary dust and set about trying again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

"I think I'll leave you two to it."
The director seemed to panic a little at the prospect of Celena's "tamer" leaving. "But sir—"
"Don't worry," Takeuchi assured her, 

"She'll be at this for a while."

         And so she was. In fact she went at it for so long that the director went back to her desk and Takeuchi her previous designing endeavors. Leon popped in every now and again to marvel at her bull-headedness; it was endearing...and concerning as she was to be his new partner but he wasn't worried. It seems time breeds familiarity and ease.

         Hours passed with little progress and needless to say Celena was getting frustrated. She'd ordinarily have a short fuse but when it came to training—and she considered this training—she'd stay at it til' the cows came home.

        In the meantime, Takeuchi was adding to the tail's programming with each of her trials, adding to the automation of movement whenever its wearer performed the same motion.

         As Celena learned, and as Takeuchi made her tweaks, little by little the panthress became one with her tail. And the obstacle course became less of an obstacle and more like the fun display of finesse she was used to.

"Yes!" She exclaimed after her third smooth run through the simulation. Then she came bouncing through the door to embrace the little scientist.

"You are a genius Takeuchi! I love it!" The doctor laughed inaudibly as she was smothered by the panthress who ceased her harmless assault once she noticed the boss was back, lurking in the corner, a soft grin on his lips.

        Celena smirked and straightened out, hands on her hips and an arch in her brow; she emanated a good-natured sass. "So when are you gonna spar with me, León?" Then she sashayed toward him, the tail only adding to her naturally feline air, what with her curly pixie cut and cat-like eyes. "Or should I call you, King of Heroes?"

"Hmph," This was quite the change of pace from her earlier demeanor. Even going so far as to give him a nickname, calling him 'lion' in Spanish. He kind of liked seeing her fiery side reduced to this pleasant spice. It was the same persona he had grown to know and love on HeroTV all those years ago. She certainly was exciting to have around. 

         Still, what should he say? He'd never fought his idol before, alongside her sure but never against her. It was internally nerve-wracking but he didn't let it break his cool mask. What should he say?...Well, sparring was a wonderful way to build team bonds and the two of them had some serious bonding to do if they were gonna have each other's back in the heat of it. In the end he agreed, "I suppose a match is in order. You're on panthress. Let me suit up and I'll meet you in there."

 "There's a good boy, don't keep me waiting." 


Was she flirting with him?

         Ordinarily Leon would've had an issue with anyone addressing him that way but the little wink and wave of her fingers caught him off guard; not to mention the tell-tale flick of her tail. And the word of encouragement put him right back into the shoes of his sixteen-year-old self standing in that custodial closet. Suddenly he was so ready to melt into a pile of useless goo. But he hid it well, taking that as his queue to go and make ready for the match of a lifetime, his lifetime. 


      Hello again. Your narrator stepping in. A fight's about to begin, and our two heroes are both NEXT's. Now, we can't have a super hero fight without insane superhuman abilities and I bet you're just dying to know. 


Let's talk powers.

          The lion is a trifle more unexpected so we'll start with him. Like an eel, he can create electric fields at will and manipulate electricity as he pleases. Why choose the name "Jungle King" and not "Electric Eel"? Believe it or not, it was an aesthetic choice made by the oh so rational Leon. His curly hair stands on end—I bet you thought it was a ton of gel—as the electricity courses through him. This of course, combined with his tanned skin and striking yellow eyes, gave rise to a seemingly obvious alias and wild animal mascot.

         Now for Celena, things get complicated. If you want to know her power you'll have to get close. Real close. I mean, cellular level intrusive. Celena was born with an...interesting internal set up. Her cellular matrices have the strangest tendency to form carbon fullerenes, particularly those in her skin, bone and muscle. The network of nanotubules is extensive. 

       These chemical structures are incredibly tough and reduce the friction between all her moving parts. The result? She's inhumanly strong, agile, and durable.There's a reason why she can get away with so little armor. 

And that's her baseline state. 

       With training she's learned to manipulate these structures to augment her abilities dependent on the task. Under heavy gunfire? Concentrate the nanotubules into something stronger just over the skin to take the impact. Need to kick some ass? Increase the elasticity of that bicep to pack one hell of a punch. 

Her name is Pantera because carbon is black and when concentrated can appear black under the panthress' skin.

        Well that, and she can perform many cat-like feats including falling from impossible heights, extreme flexibility, high leaps, and the appearance of being able to run up walls.

       Given her abilities, Celena is an extremely close-range fighter and excessive use of projectiles can overwhelm her if she can't get in close and personal.

        Also, having a carbon fullerene-coated skin makes her highly conductive. Electricity has a tendnecy to run right over her skin rather than take it's measely time wreaking all kind of havoc on her physiology. She's a good partner for Leon, near-perfect if it weren't for one thing: it's painful to get shocked. And La Pantera is by no means immune to pain.

Sure her tolerance is high given her job description but she has her limits.

In short, if you cut her she will bleed. 

It's just extremely difficult to make that incision. 

Needless to say her doctor's visits have been interesting; not to mention her fear of needles. 


         Leon cracked his knuckles as he re-entered the room, donning the gold and sky blue armor that were his symbols; they echoed those of the goddess Athena, his company's namesake. On the training field he stood in stark contrast of his opponent, black and gold, orange and blue. 

Celena smirked in friendly contest, "Any rules for this battle?"

The king of heroes thought a moment before replying, "Well, I would limit it to simple combat but seeing that your powers are always in effect, that would put me at a disadvantage."

"Oh what's the matter? Afraid of little ol' me? You're in your prime," She teased, a coy look shining in her kol-lined eyes. "You can take me."

         Leon had to shake the daze she set over his mind, distracted by her seductive persona now that it was directed at him. Insinuation was all but dripping from those glossy black lips. He pulled his mask down over his face to hide his flush, the eyes gleaming a brilliant azure through the gold slits. 
"Powers are on." He murmurs with less confidence. 

The panthress chuckled getting the sense that he was flustered from the way he hid from her. 

       The skin across her face faded to a deep grey as she readied herself. Her feet slid into a wider stance. Her chin tilts in a come hither motion, tossing the curly fringe from in front of her eyes.
"Let's play."

As expected, she took the first move. 

        She bridged the gap between them in two long strides, keeping her center of gravity low while taking advantage of her height. She started the battle with a strong strike, directing a kick to his torso. 

         And Leon let it land while his mech armor ran diagnostics. Alarms glared as the impact rocked him to his core; she was strong, he'd give her that...

 The AI compiled the data and provided a quick countermeasure. 

        Metal hands wrapped around her ankle after it made contact, locking her in place. He witnessed the owlish look of surprise wash over her face. 

...But he had the technical advantage. 

        Static crackled in the air as Leon summoned his power, taking on an ethereal blue glow that all NEXTs have in common. A bolt of lightning crept from his grip through to her. The attack was friendly enough, definitely metered as not to seriously injure her. 

     In the knick of time, she extended her hand to the ground and let the electricity run across the carbon fibrils in her skin. It coursed from ankle to wrist and into the floor. With the surge gone, Celena rest her weight on her hands and threw her other leg up to lock around his waist. The mere squeeze of her thighs was vice-like, setting alarms off in his ears before she dropped her back to the floor and vaulted him across the room. 

         He caught himself as his discipline dictated, sliding to a halt across the simulator's foam-like floors. He glanced up to find her still lying there, peering up at him with a playful grin on her face. Unbelieveable, this woman was truly,. . . 

 "Not bad, León. That stung a little." She called as she sprung back to her feet and set after him again. She was wringing put her hand.

. . . Remarkable. Even just reading about her abilities on paper or even seeing them on film didn't compare to the thrill of seeing them in person.

        Leon tailored his fighting style to match his unique prowess. So his arsenal was full of whips and cables to extend his range and thus, his powers with less effort on his part. As a result, he's more of a mid-range fighter compared to the woman sauntering towards him. He could strike from a distance and he planned to. Well, emphasis on the planned. 

She was smoking.

No, I mean she was literally emitting smoke from his first strike. But she was smiling and it was honestly the most confusing thing Leon had ever witnessed. Part of him was petrified, turned to stone by the hungry look in her eyes. Another part was ecstatic, electrified by her presence. He was feeling seduced, captivated, uniquely taken advantage of by his idol hero who seemed so intent on kicking his ass.

He blinked and she was upon him once more; he'd waited too long and she took advantage of his mental vacation.

        He lifted his arms to defend against the barrage she unleashed into his armor. Her fingers were manicured but they hit like pure steel. Leon stepped left in its midst, took her extended arm and pinned it firmly behind her back. Celena knew this move, she also knew he was coming for her knees next to he could pin her down, so she did the next most logical thing: she jumped; still in his hold of course, and took the time spent in shock to twist back around, performing a move that would force a normal human's shoulder out of its socket but she managed just fine. She went for a headbutt and the sheer force of it knocked him off balance. He didn't let go of her arm though; they both went down in a stumbling slump. 

Leon shut his eyes when he braced for impact.  

Celena kept her's open and took the opportunity to lazily pin his other arm above his head. 

The sound of the metal joints moving whined in her ears and clacked against the floor. She smirked as she straddled him, peering into his visor cockily.

The CEO considered shocking her here and now, but a single peek up at her and he was struck still instead. 

Her fiery eyes were most alive in the thick of it, revealing love of the fight that would make it impossible to return to civilian life. 

        And the way she fought played into her sense of showmanship, a sense imbued upon her by her long run on HeroTV. Everything had flair, from her kicks that displayed her strength to the smooth flips that revealed her otherworldly flexibility. 

She was wild, a true panthress.

"Hmm, have a nice trip, your highness?" She purred, fiddling with his mask until she stumbled across the mechanism that pulled it open. The rush of cool fresh air against his face and through his beard pulled Leon from his awed stupor. 

He growled and reversed her grip on him, rolled over to pin her down beneath him.

And she let him. 

For the time being.

She was enjoying the view for now. 

        Dammit, does nothing phase this woman? He missed his prior ability to shut her up as her boss but, per usual, battle acted as a great equalizer. And she wasn't just fighting him physically, no she was playing with his head, preying on a weakness he hadn't known he had. 

"See," Celena mused, pulling his attention down to her once more.


"I told you could take me." That little wink she sent him lit his fuse.

Leon growled again and sent several charges down her spine out of spite. She may have been his idol but he didn't take that from anyone. "Don't you talk down to me."

"H-H-Hey! I get it! I get it! I give, I give!" She whimpered, bracing beneath him for any more shocks, her teeth gritted and gleaming.

"Hmph." Seeing her squirm and falter for once did give him some satisfaction. So he let up as she tapped out. 
"How about another round,. . ."

The door burst open and in rushed a group of clammering reporters. He should've known; heroes rarely get a moment's rest while at headquarters. Still, he wished he hadn't be caught in such a. . . compromising position with his new partner.

He felt the color drain from his face.
". . . Ms. Pantheras."

His new female partner. 

Rumors are bound to spread like wildfire.

((Longtime no see all! It's been a while. Here's an open Rp. It's a tad longer than my usual oneshots but I had a lot of character info to cram into a too-small space. So, without a further a-do here we go~!))

((• This Rp is based on the anime series Tiger and Bunny but I've provided more than enough information here for you to participate even if you haven't watched/read it. 

• No canon characters are present but will be referenced.

 That said, parameters stand:

• Please be descriptive. I don't like to set line limits but they do serve a purpose. My minimum is seven lines. I'm only strict about the first few replies usually so if you fall off from time to time I'm not likely to immediately abandon; just don't make a habit out of it.

• Proper grammar is expected but I'm no grammar nazi; let's just say that if I can't understand you I can't reply~

No. Text. Talk.

• The genre for this one is a mixture of action, romance, sci-fi, and as always, erotica. Smut is my forte afterall if you know me. Either way, there will be mature content. You have been warned.

• Your mission is, should you choose to accept it, to play the role of Leon Ari, head of Athena Enterprises and soon-to-be center of a huge paparazzi firestorm. I will play the role of Celena Montoya-Pantheras. I know people tend to hate pre-made roles so your character's appearance, personality, etc. are by no means set in stone. You may change Leon to suit your fancy within reason but alert me to changes that you make so I'm not lead to believe you misread something.

• This story can go anywhere so don't hesitate to throw a curve ball at me every now and again. 

• Passcode is: "Gossip." Please type it at the start of your response so I know you've made it this far. ))

{Let's play.~}
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