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Click this link to opt-in for BETA testing:

CAUTION: Please backup your data before opting in.
Backups created with the BETA app are not compatible with the old Expense Manager app.

To leave the BETA test go to and select "Leave the program". Then uninstall the app and re-install it again from the Google Play Store.

Since I have joined the beta community, do I need to pay for the upgrade to access "Distribution" and "Statistics"?

I left the BETA test, when was the last update?

1) No way to reset all my old data? Do i have to delete it one by one?
2) The 1x1 widget will be no more available?
Thank You

Nice. There needs to be a transaction finder function. Spaces between data need to be compacted or scaled down to make it more efficient in one page. Daily transactions should be presented like monthly transactions. thank you

I have tried to restore old backup for test version, but only expenses restored. Cannot see Income bar. Hope it will be in final version.

BTW, if I bought unlocked pro functions in old version, will they be available in 3.0 version?

Also, the dark (not grey) them would be nice. Some of us have AMOLED display and love dark themes.

I think there should be a function that helps you to choose an unique color for every new category automatically and ofcourse an option to turn that function on\off in preferences.

Thanks for the app!

Bugs Version 3.0.2:

1. I can't update the budget of overall
2. I can't select a timespan of one year in the graph of distribution
3. Today, I can't select a timespan earlier then jul, 2015 in the graph of distribution

Hi Markus,

first of all thank you very much for this great app, I've been using this for long years and it proved to be a great essential daily driver app for me. Let me share a bug report with you regarding Android O (on Nexus 5X): no matter which keyboard app I use, Expense Manager crashes immediately as soon as I tap in the description box to write some notes for my expense. So right now I can only record my data without notes, only just writing the amount and selecting the category. Do you have an Android O device in your possession to check this bug if you have some time? Also feel free to let me know if you need any more specific information, logs or anything else. I have already sent a bug report through the built in crash report form as well.

Thank you for your time in advance and keep up with the good work!
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