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look at my mad skills

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it is great

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And for those PC lovers you may know about 1.9
Coming soon
1.9, known as The Combat Update, is an upcoming update to Minecraft with no set release date. Dinnerbone has stated that many of the features he has shown for 1.9 are not "100% final", so things may change later
This update could include
:Might include model changes within the NBT data
: Would be implemented via resource packs
: Will make better use of code so that map/mod makers can create better/new mobs
: Same as the block data changes in 1.8
: Feature may not be 100% complete.
:New block type
: New unknown dark colored block
:Another new unknown block Cannot be obtained and does not naturally generate Has a visual effect on the world
:A 15/16 block tall grass-like “path”. It features a somewhat similar texture to the grass block
: Added a left hand
: A new type of dungeon with new blocks and mobs
: Related to the “new dark colored block”

: Arrows first bounce back then appear at correct location
: Failing to place blocks in creative mode causes an animation
: Dropped items bounce on stairs, cauldrons, carpets and full/locked hoppers
: Villager/Player getting killed by zombie through a closed door
: Bow and arrow can fire through doors and fences
: Boss health bar temporarily viewable after respawn and loading another world
: The hitbox of brewing stands is missing the blaze rod
: Pick up framed enchanted items with “Pick Block (MOUSE 3)” doesn’t give you the enchanted item
: Fences won’t attach to layered snow blocks
: 1.5 Odd mob ‘magnetized attraction’ behavior

If you have made it this far then bravo
And say inm the comments #MadeIt

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The moment they've always dreamed of. #StanleyCup
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