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So me and +LaAsiah Mitchell agreed on the QOD days u guys didn't pick be4 so here are the days DONT UPIN PLZ!

QOD regular days

Monday-+Sonia duran
Tuesday-me abigail Gonzalez
Wednesday-+Quanasiah Mitchell
Thursday-+LaAsiah Mitchell
Friday-+tianna mclean
Saturday- +Renessme Cullen
Sunday-+Tailia Shelb

QOD subs
Monday-+Kya LovesYou
Tuesday-+Natii Angel
Wednesday-+Bushra Hameed
Thursday-+Holly Brobst
Friday-+Lynda Clegg
Saturday-+Julie Horan
Sunday-+arrimas arrington

if u have a problem tell me and +LaAsiah Mitchell be cuz we could probably could fix it if it's about being busy then try ur best just to a question be4 5:30 and thts y we have subs be cuz they back u up

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I totally cannot wait 4 mockingjay part 2 to come out😃😃😃😜😜

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Hey people are u there I remember wen this community was on fire

Hey I haven't post I. A while how y'all doin

Which 1D person would u wanna sing a song with

Hey guys I'm back 👋👋👋👋👋i miss all u guys hope u guys was taking care of this for me!!😘😘😘👏👏👌👌👌if u were thnx!!

Pop quiz

1.who is the youngest 1D member

2.Who is the main character in hunger games

3.Who audition for the x-factor wen they were little

4.What is katniss's master skill for hunting
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