The old team & shows were great.
The new team & shows are different but great too.
Thanks for taking the helm.

As of topics, I'd like to hear about high/named level, strongholds and dominion management. I never had the chance to play at these levels and wonder if anyone has, and in that case, how does it play (by the book or not) and any kind of feedback (good or back) on the subject.

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Don't want to steal any thunder - but I can't contain myself.

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Join for the announcements, lots coming out for Mazes & Perils RPG from Moebius Adventures in 2017!

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Just saw this:

To the fans of the Save or Die podcast,
It’s a truism that all good things come to an end, and it appears that our time on the Save or Die podcast is no exception. The three of us (DMs Mike, Liz, Jim) have had a great time with the podcast, and we appreciate WGP for giving us a venue to talk about our favorite D&D game. Yet life moves on, and we regret that life’s roads are taking us away from our comfy home on SoD.
We’d like to thank our fans for being the best support we’ve had for all these years. You folks are great, and whenever the work or research got us down, your enthusiasm for this little project gave us the energy to keep on trying and to make the podcast better and better. If we have to leave, we’re glad to leave on such a high note.
Be proud of all that Save or Die has done over the past 6 years…you’ve earned it!
Best to all,
DM Mike DM Liz DM Jim

You three were the best; I'm very sorry to see you go. But I hope whatever is next brings even more joy than you have given with this, the best of all pod casts. 

Festive cheer to you all
I was thrilled to have received D.,Crouzets tome:
Fantastic Heroes & Witchery
Be great to hear your thoughts on opinions on this product
I am surprised that it hasn't been discussed on your show
It has some excellent ideas & options for O.S.R games.
& it is reasonably priced
The soft back is under £20 on Amazon
& the hardback is just under £30
At 400+ pages it is packed full of goodies.
Including some wonderful artwork.

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Hope everyone is well! My Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #4: Vault of the Dwarven King Kickstarter project is now on it's way to Stretch Goal #8: Full Color Version of Interior Removable Cover of this artwork below! With your help we can easily make that happen! Check it out if you love 1st Edition style adventures!

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Vault of the Dwarven King's Mine Car Chase! These poor bastards better hope this wasn't a one-way ticket ride! There is a whole mine car track and system you can travel around in cars! Only 12 days left in the Kickstarter! Check it out and support it if you love old school 1st edition style modules! Thanks everyone!
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